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What preparation are necessary for us to be ready for Jesus coming? 

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Prayers for Precious Holy Spirit, Personal Bible Study, and Pure Submission to the Light of God that we know of.  These pillars will give anyone safe passage to heaven no matter how rich they are.

Well said brother

Try these studies of ours.


Thanks rob can these be share with the public?


Greetings Surana

We explore only the important topics for true Christians

How do you get faith from Jesus and what faith really means.... The SOP is the only place on the www to explain faith correctly as a English word.

How are you saved by Jesus. The EGW Steps to Christ is actually chapter by chapter also listed in the Bible in the same order as EGW Steps to Christ, in one Bible passage, in a book actually called the Book of Jesus. Problem is most people do not understand Hebrew spelling changes by translators. Is there really a book called Jesus, where Jesus tells us how we are saved by Him? Yes

How do you pray? Did you know there are over 140 prayers in the Bible? David's psalms are actually prayers. What does the Psalms tells us about how to pray?

What is surrender and how do you achieve surrender every day....

Just a few of the topics we try to consider and study using the SOP and the Bible in its original language.

You ask about the preparations for Jesus?

You have to be ready now, already with oil trimmed daily now.

The biggest concern I have for SDA people, is they should be living in the country now.

If you wait until the Sunday decree comes, as many SDA  allude, you will be lost.

Study the messages in Back to Enoch, by Dave Westbrook, on the SOP out of cities messages.

That will get you physically ready.

Next learn to surrender and pray and empower Jesus in you daily. Get spiritually ready each day.

Finally learn how to love, and help your fellow neighbour. Visit the cities and help them, warn them and do things of salvation with them.

God bless you.



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