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Selling something on Saturday... for the sake of helping others. What can you say about this?

What can you say about selling on Saturdays?

But the goal is helping others or church building program?

In your opinion or biblically is it okay to sell on Saturday even though your goal is to help others? 

I need your opinion please....

Coz we have this discussion about that and one of them insist its okay... and I don't agreed with that... even your goal is to help others... what do you think about that???

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Yes it's wrong,  but it's ok to donate money or goods on the sabbath 

I believe, that God will bless the selling-actions during the other six days of the week so much, that it won't be necessary to sell during Sabbath.  

what was he 'giving' ? 

Sabbath is for giving freely from the heart.  Buying something is giving with the expectation of receiving in return, not a gift.  Why is the pastor wanting to sell something rather than just asking for a special offering?  The people he is wanting to sell to would be paying more than the item is worth so just ask them for a donation instead.  Buying and selling in God's temple was why Jesus chased the money changers out!  What makes your pastor think God is more lenient today?

PJ listen, I will like you to tell your pastor to cease and desist from such an action.

If the folks in need of something, enlighten the members and let everyone help.

For it is an act of subtly trying to transact business, when you know where God stands with this issue.

Stop asking others and let the Holy Spirit lead. If you are serving him, you will never be in the wrong.


wow. Do we still need the bible and prophets? I mean we now have the Holy Spirit right? 


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