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In His mercy and long-suffering, God bears patiently with the perverse
and even the falsehearted. Among Christ's chosen apostles was Judas the traitor.
Should it then be a cause of surprise or discouragement that there are falsehearted ones among His workers today?
If He who reads the heart could bear with him who He knew was to be His betrayer, with what patience should we bear with those at fault. Ministry of Healing, p. 493

How easy it is to remove the speck of saw dust in the eyes of another, while disregarding the Log in our own eyes. We are all in need of Christian Sympathy. Don't you think so?

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The Bible says:
"If anyone says, "I love God," and hates his brother, he is a liar; for he who does not love his brother whom he has seen cannot love God whom he has not seen." 1 John 4:20 (ESV)

The Christian church is the only army in the world that shoots its wounded. I believe that this comes from the fact that we have come to see the church as a club for saints, rather then a hospital for sinners. How long will a hospital last if it shoots all the sick that come to it? Yet, is not that what happens in the church far too often. We only want healthy, especially wealthy, fun, people to join. Yet, the well do not need a physician, it is the sick that need healing. So, are we a hospital or a club?

Maranatha :)

Yes, that is one of my favorite quotes, I don't know why I did not introduce it. Oh, well, I knew you would, so I left it for you to do. LOL

There has been many times that this has been a comfort to me, as well as a warning to be careful how I treat those who are weak. I only wish that I could truthfully say that I have never committed that sin, but God is still not through working on me yet.

Maranatha :)
Right MsMS.
I only hope we Seventn-Day Adventists will spend more time learning from the Bible, The Counsels to the Church, and from listening to The Holy Spirit, and spend less time looking at the fault of others.

I once read that it is the one who lives closest to Christ that will most see his own sinfulness, and therefore have nothing in himself to boast.

Such a one, after seeing how in need of Christ's saving grace that he is will never dare to raise accusation against another knowing he himself only stands by the grace of God!
Thank you Mr. Phillips. I am glad a lot of people see the need to bear long with the failing. Come to think of it who amongst us is not failing? I only wish when we come to church to worship, everybody bears in mind that as many people as have come to worship that day (and any other day for that matter) are in need of encouragement, and not rebuke.
The only people Jesus ever rebuked are those who displayed or cherished a superiority complex above other humans.

See the check list below:
The Pharisees
The Scribes
The sons of Zebedee when they thought to rain fire on those who rejected Jesus
Peter when he thought he could set himself as a personal adviser to Jesus
the list could be endless...
"i believe that this comes from the fact that we have come to see the church as a club for saints, rather then a hospital for sinners." that word hit me hard
How do we regard SDA members who like to say, "Bro. A needs to be disciplined for this or that ... Sis. B needs to be disciplined for this and that ... We must uphold Church Authority and Rules ..." ?
Being disciplined for gossip sounds like a good idea.
Gossip has "killed" more people than any other physical weapon.....

i agree. relationships have been broken because of gossipers. the ants should kiss their lips. hehehe :)
Well the Bible clearly teaches that we are to discipline erring members in order to forestall the spread of sin. If the persons in question are committing open sins in the face of all, then disciplinary actions should be taken so as not encourage others in the same sin.

However we should discipline while keeping in mind that we ourselves are prone to failing, and the aim is not to show how well we can detect the faults of others, or how righteous or knowledgeable we are in the doctrines of the church. Our aim for discipline is to ensure that we all as much as it depends on us do not give the devil a chance to spite the name of God.

ACNF63 said:  "We must uphold Church Authority and Rules ..." ?"


What church?

What rules?


The Church authority is the Bible. The Bible is only authority that Christians are supposed to implicitly and unquestionably obey. The same Bible defines what a Church is... A community of believers who keep the testimony of God, and have the faith of Jesus.


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