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I find it hard to believe that not a single Adventist is decrying the reign of Steve Bannon. His prescription for the world takes a page out of the SDA eschatology playbook, and I am waiting for the outcry that He is prophetic evidence for Christian global supremacy. Bannon is Catholic, and has been advocating for a Gobal Christian war to cleanse the earth. He is an opponent to the current Pope and has been pushing the Vatican to take a more militant approach to defeating Islam and secularism.  He calls this war a 4th cleansing which is necessary to keep Christianity as the major force in the world. Why are the SDA voices so silent on this issue.


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There is no need to say anything about the man or his views. What we will decry are the many fake Adventists within our church. Let the world do what it wants, we are not of the world. Only fake worldly Adventists are involved in these things...

Amen. Glad Jesus will return.

Jason, The bible says,

So keep watch at all times, and pray that you may have the strength to escape all that is about to happen and to stand before the Son of Man."

One cannot watch with eyes close shut.  You must watch, in order to know what’s unfolding before your eyes.

I would agree Gene. However, your statement seems misplaced against what I feel Jason was saying.   Don't forget the bible also says

Luke 6:28 - Bless them that curse you, and pray for them which despitefully use you.

I see a lot of condemnation, criticizing and bitter statements from people over the election (not just ones on this forum) Some of whom have made open statements against praying for people they are politically opposed to. 

Tell us more about this Prophet, I have newer heard about him? Maybe we have not heard about him because we do not move in catholic circles like you seem to do. 


Mr. J and Mr. E and dear brother James French I point you to a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.  Because Loving God and Loving each other is what Christianity is about.  Not being critical of others or not being patient with the faults of others.  What would you want done for you if you were an outcast?  Not finger pointing, but love and compassion and a listening ear.  Jesus on the cross did not strike down His enemies.  He loved.  and He will continue to love because God is love.  and it thinks no evil.

Hi Andrew 

Seems like you have posted on the wrong thread, But yes I do agree with you. All are not as easy going as you brother, As Brother Gerald says he gets rubbed the wrong way, as I do as well.


Andrew: Thanks for your kind post, I agree with you. But people that are stubborn and stiff-necked Jews with uncircumcised ears as God expressed it through the prophet. God talked about them, to correct them. We all need to be reminded of doctrine, reproof and correction from time to time.


Steve Bannon is an advisor to President Trump. He doesn't claim to be a prophet, but has advocated for militant Christianity.

Kind of funny that all of a sudden Bannon is a "catholic".  When did Herbert ever care what the Catholic church did? I thought he was our resident Jesuit.  The current popes political and economic ideas seem to suit some here, how does this jive.  

I am really tickled that all of a sudden he is concerned when this stuff has been going on for 40 years and now Bannon is the antichrist in incarnate.


I didn't make Bannon a Catholic, he is one. As far as Jesuit, that is Ian mythological universe. I am just stating that Bannon is asserting ideas that appear to be similar to Adventist eschatology, and persons like you seem to be uninterested. So I am asking; do you really believe in it, or is it just a ideology.



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