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Now before anyone gets upset, I did not post this for controversy. I came across this in other research and I watched the whole thing. I am looking for answers, for truth. I really enjoy the books I have read by Ellen, however I do not hold her above the bible or follow every word, I feel some statements from her are just her own opinion’s. This video is about 2 SDA’S born and raised. They left the church when they discovered some lies and cover ups from the church on Ellen White. They do bring up some good points and maybe someone can explain them to me. The test of a real prophet does she pass? Some of the things they mentioned do sound cultish, unfortunately.  If you want to comment on this thread please watch the video or at least the first part, so we can discuss their accusations in a rational intelligent manner, thanks.




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I understand Aquila, but I am looking for explanations from people who know more about Ellen than I do. I am trying to make sense of some of her statements, so who can explain them to me??

Aquila there are many, what about not needing a mediator before God in the end of days. Isn't Jesus are mediator? Did everything she say come from God or are some just her opinions and own views?

Hasn't Ellen White said she is not a prophet? I read that somewhere.

If I recall she actually addressed it in one of her letters.

Basically stating, that she avoided the word, because things like the Mormon movement had put a stigma on it that frightened people off, before they would hear God's messages. She wanted people to hear her first instead of quickly writing her off..

She said she was more than a prophet.

So you mean that all divinely inspired material has to be difficult to understand nd thats a sign of inspiration?


Thanks Ty, I question everything and study things before I come to an conclusion. In other words I don't just follow what man says blindly. I have looked to her as a guide as I said I love the stuff I read from her. I don't agree with some of her statements but she is human and none of us are perfect.


Be careful not to deprive yourself from eternal salvation through blasphemy.

Be very careful my dear.

What Blasphemy?

There is no blasphemy in asking questions.  The old testement records in several places where prophets made mistakes.  God spoke through them but later the messed up all by themselves.  If I had time I would list them. Somebody here said its a good thing that they do not have EGW shopping lists because they would make rules out of it. 

It would be the list that most SDAs have, that I am certain of.

True prophets made mistakes in their lives and sinned. That is entirely different than messing up in terms of articulating what God revealed to them.

There are a great many supposed mistakes in the writings of the gospel writers that have been shown to be only an error in our interpretation. The same is true with the writings of EGW. Be careful in taking too seriously SDA bash sites. 


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