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Now before anyone gets upset, I did not post this for controversy. I came across this in other research and I watched the whole thing. I am looking for answers, for truth. I really enjoy the books I have read by Ellen, however I do not hold her above the bible or follow every word, I feel some statements from her are just her own opinion’s. This video is about 2 SDA’S born and raised. They left the church when they discovered some lies and cover ups from the church on Ellen White. They do bring up some good points and maybe someone can explain them to me. The test of a real prophet does she pass? Some of the things they mentioned do sound cultish, unfortunately.  If you want to comment on this thread please watch the video or at least the first part, so we can discuss their accusations in a rational intelligent manner, thanks.




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 The brother is being ridiculous and his sarcasm is not funny. Is, I think you are a Jesuit a Christian thing to say, and simply because someone talks about Jesuits, howbeit less than  some others? Is that good fruit ?  If we talk about the homosexuality does that make us homosexual ?  Jill brought up Jesuits and the brother talked about the same, so if talking about them makes them one then the sistern and the brother too are the same.

You are being hypocritical, Jason.   All this brother does is try and get attention here. "I'm leaving" long eulogy. "I'm back" but "I'm leaving again soon because my business is struggling"  The first thing the brother said when he returned was something to the effect, " Sorry to disappoint you Kevin but  I did not die." I had not said a word to him when he returned. This was just so much more attention getting. It's time to grow up, boys. 

 Did you  accept the challenge, Gabriel presented a while ago on another thread about not  insulting another just for the sake of doing so ? Was your sarcastic comment about me, out of the blue, good fruit ?


  Please show where I have called a forum member a Jesuit. But you did and based off of what ? I have some pretty sound evidence of a few outside of this forum but I did not bring that up here.

When I hear posts that encourage theatre and terrible theatre I address  it. You take that personally. I'm sorry but these things are not of God.  They are not something to joke about are they? 

You said that we need to get out and have some fun. The context was movies and other things that help no one and at best affect us in a way that is not edifying. 

I try to treat people well but that is not made easy with the constant jokes and digs.


He has never called anyone that.. He has simply implied that some may have infiltrated the church. Not anyone on this site.

 I have called few people Jesuits and no one on this forum, and no one without a good deal of clear evidence that would suggest such. You call me a Jesuit simply because I have talked about the topic? And you say that you are sorry to disappoint me but you have not died. You came on the forum saying these things when I had said not a word to or about you.

You constantly take the low road and joke about anything that would direct otherwise. 

I will say, since I'm the one who introduced the "fruits" standard here recently, that nobody is above that qualifier, and it's really pleasing Satan how suspicious, fault-finding, vicious, disrespectful, rude, and cold-hearted we sometimes behave here.  Raise the bar now.

It's a good thing only SDA's can see this place or our witness would be powerless.


Jason has a point.. Two wrongs don't make a right... So even if he started it, as you claim (which I am not entirely sure of, because I don't check this thread much) it doesn't justify unchristian behavior..

Please be the bigger man here.. I hate seeing my friends fight..


 No, it does not lambast the church, neither do I constantly say Jesuit infiltrators are in the church. I do share that however because there is evidence of such and we have been told through Inspiration that the Jesuits infiltrate all levels of society. You seem to think that the church is exempt and wholly pure.  Even so, what I said about SOME church leadership is not  a general put down of the church and its gift of the SOP  like the slander of the EGW and her work posted here.

Why do you constantly work against the vote of the church leadership in session twice ? Call it lambasting or call it rebellion, or call it total confusion.

The root of the English word "ignorance," is ignore.  Laodicean's are "blind."

We are in an exclusively SDA environment here without outside exposure to non-SDAs.  Our conversation here will not denigrate the structure to non-members, which was E White's main concern when writing about it.

When a person signs up for this site they have to say they are an SDA and uphold the standards of the SDA church. Needless to say not that many come here.. and the ones who do lied..

Oh, ok


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