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The HIV virus. Is it real?

There are two videos I would recommend watching before commenting.

One is called "House of Numbers", and the other is called "The Emperor's New Virus".

These two movies go together. House of Numbers is the first movie and The Emperor's New Virus is the sequel.

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Thinking about our bold mind, it is impossible to be healed but nothing is impossible to The Lord.

Amen Dior

Scientific community[edit]

Reaction from the scientific community was similarly negative. Lancet Infectious Diseases criticized the film's arguments, calling them a "toxic combination of misrepresentation and sophistry."[3],[10] a website created by HIV researchers to address AIDS denialism,[11] criticized the film for concealing its "agenda behind a false veneer of honest inquiry", and published a rebuttal to some of the film's claims.[12]Ben Goldacre, writing in The Guardian, described House of Numbers as "a dreary and pernicious piece of Aids denialist propaganda."[13]

Eighteen scientists interviewed in the film state that their answers to Leung's questions were selectively edited to convey a false sense that the scientific community disagrees on basic facts about HIV/AIDS.[3] Two interviewees, Neil Constantine and Robin Weiss, cite examples supporting the allegation that Leung misrepresented their words in a "surely intentional" manner.[14]

A panel discussion of the film at a Boston film festival was disrupted by Leung and other AIDS denialists in the audience, who attempted to shout down members of the panel with whom they disagreed.[1]


Perhaps you should also read this material before you believe those AIDS-denialists.

Simon you are a Doctor right ? 

on my way to be one ;)

May God bless you plan Simon and your dreams of helping who are in need of medical attention.

Hiho Alexander,

i watched the video and it is not relevant to me. I also want to tell you the reasons why.

  1. this guy is not an expert for virology (he is an Doc for internal medicine)
  2. He is stucked in the mid 80ies...the medical treatment and the whole therapy of AIDS and HIV-infected patients made some huge progress in the last 20 years. And of course docs treat the diseases caused by AIDS, like e.g. lymphoma or pneumonia.
  3. His explaination about the development of the treatment is confusing to me, as he denies the obvious (tests, statistics, studies) connection between the HIV and the noticeable frequency of death through those trypical disease caused by a weak immun-system. And here i come to my next problem:
  4. People (even famous and active AIDS denialists like e.g. Christine Maggiore and her daughter, Mbeki-scandal in Southafrica: more than 300000 AIDS-deaths cause of the treatment-ban who refuse treatment or cannot afford the costly treatment also die because of  those typical diseases caused by the typical weak immunsystem (related to an HIV-infection and AIDS). That contradicts the argument, that the "treatment" causes the weak immunesystem.
  5. This "expert" cannot show studies or any statistics about a improvement of AIDS-patients without therapy. To the question if he already "healed" HIV-infected people he answers vague and without telling numbers, explaining the "progress" of healing, or in which state after the HIV-infection he "healed" the people...if you consider that there is a latency phase of more than 10 years, you can feel "healed" during this stage, cause you don't suffer any symptoms.
  6. HIV was isolated and the genome already analysed: 
  7. meanwhile you can even "film" with special techniques the "birth" or the assembly of the HIV-virus: 
  8. Don't you think those people and AIDS-deniest earn also a lot of money with their questionable, wrong (proven) books, lectures and confusions? 


I agree with you Simon. If you really have seen the real people suffer because of HIV/AIDS, then you will understand that the virus is truly existed.

Unless there are members who are knowledgeable in the specific field of science I doubt that you will get any more than opinions.

If HIV doesn't exist then what is it that is causing such sickness? I was talking to a someone who is HIV Positive and HIV Symptomatic a couple of weeks ago. He was diagnosed following being raped in prison. As far as he is concerned it is a very real sickness with all the complications that are involved with the collapse of the immune system. So if it isn't HIV, what is it?

(I haven't watched the videos yet so will make no comment on them.)

The HIV virus does exist and many people are having it now. It so dangers and incurable though the 2 patients in Boston were temporarily healed as doctor's claim it but don't be too over excited because based of the medical team experience and theory is just passive and can be deactivated at anytime especially when the patient who were healed because of the mature stem cell transplant. They all are kept on immunosuppressant lifetime drugs and when the rejection comes on at anytime will be burst to the worst.

So would I!

I've actually watched the "House of Numbers".  I made a comment about that the medicine might be the cause of the deaths.  I was rebuked, but someone came and she said, "I had a friend who was diagnosed with HIV.  He was otherwise heathly.. Then when he started taking the meds, he went down and finally passed away."  I dont find that too far fetch considering that cancer patients who never receive treatments last longer than those who do get treatments.


I believe in Leviticus 17:11.. If you clean the blood, the body will heal itself. 



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