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Anyone can explain it please in details?.

Your contributions will be appreciated.

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Sorry for that Raymond Rennek. And I think this is not the first time we discussed about a kind of subject here. I deeply apologize if you are not comfortable with my question.

if they aren't comfortable in talking about it they should just skip the question. After all adam and eve were married at the end of friday and God told them to go forth and multiply hence that was on sabbath. So don't feel bad about your question.

I would agree with beachboy.

Thanks Gabe. That's why I love you as a good friend like always. You always make me comfortable. But you do tell me when I do something wrong.

I will but we are grown adults, we're not children. It's a shame that some people do behave like kids because they can't handle such topics and go off on others.  As long we don't make it gross, ungodly but don't let others control you on what or not to say. 

Keep on posting Nurse Dior :D

What does oral sex, which is not sex at all, have to do with multiplying? 

foreplay, but you don't have to multiply to have sex and enjoy each other growing closer and more intimate. 

So anal 'sex' between a man and woman is OK with you? 

Jason I never said Anal was right, leviticus actually says not to. but the bible does not talk about oral. But I also believe that sex doesn't have to be productive. It does need to produce intimacy but not always children. just because you have enough kids don't mean that you and your wife can't just enjoy each other. 

Can you provide us this text where you can't have anal with your wife?  Some SDAs think both this one and the oral is OK ...

Thanks beachboy Puti. I actually feel sorry for making people uncomfortable.

Get into a monogamous marital relationship for a couple of years.  I suspect, things will appear very differently to you.


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