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 The One Project is a project that is spiritualistic in nature. The following is a list that attended the last gathering. It makes for interesting reading to see who is involved.

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Hello ZJ

I guess a different interpretation means heresy, and focusing on Christ instead of unique doctrine is error, or as the author of this discussion indicates Spiritualism. What isn't being discussed is that our Church is looking for new means of  evangelism because we are loosing to many members. I don't believe there is a perfect approach, and the one project may have some flaws, but is definitely a better approach than the historic Adventist. We should not discourage critical thinking, and progressives are not the enemy. The enemy is Satan, and he sows discord in every organization. If we are wise we will follow the theme of the one project and place Christ at the center of our ministry.



What last you saw Satan at church?

Satan is the enemy, but how does he work? 

Leon I too cannot understand this attack on One Project and certain Pastors ? There is no evidence of what this organisation and individuals are accused of. As you say One Project places Christ first and central. I cannot understand what is so heretical with that ?

Dwight Nelson and Sam Leonor are preaches of Bible truth who also have much regard for SOP so I am not sure what this concern is all about ?

No sympathy for Mr Knott? They ridicule and belittle their own. They lead their sheep astray, teaching that our beliefs are to BE left behind. Wrong.
Still waiting for the heresies pr nelson teaches. Just five, or two or maybe one?
Otherwiise you are not being fair to your brother.


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