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 The One Project is a project that is spiritualistic in nature. The following is a list that attended the last gathering. It makes for interesting reading to see who is involved.

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Yes, I'm afraid Dwight is a drift in the night without a rudder. 


I think history will tell us how far the Lord will let this go. All the way. The church will be a battle field. We have had a taste of it on this forum. The Omega of Apostasy made Ellen White tremble for our people and she said the most rank heresy would come from our pulpits. I believe we will see the same things in our churches as we have observed in non SDA churches. False healings, false tongues (already happened), communication with the dead, and push for Sunday observance. Many of our people have been in denial. Some are waking up but many wish to just cover their eyes and pretend.

Seattle WA Feb 10-11, 2014:

This following is a very disturbing report from the meeting where a certain lady has shared with us of her first hand experience after attending the One Project in Seattle, WA February 10-11, 2014:

1. If you go to the internet link for the One Project, it was stated that all attendees needed to read Desire of Ages and the 4 Gospels before coming to the meetings. Not one thing was said about any of this at the meetings--She told us that she expected that if they were to read this, that it would be brought up in the meeting but it wasn't. Not one word was said.

2. Bill Knott, Editor of the Review and Herald was the first Monday morning speaker. She said his focus was on conversion only and was sarcastic towards world evangelism which brought lots of laughter from the attendees. Mr. Knott said "beware of the men in charge" and spoke about being in favor of women's ordination.

There was "emergent church" conversation and group consensus to "define truth." It was all a social gospel, there was nothing said about evangelism and in fact all our evangelistic efforts of the SDA church, present and past, were mocked and made fun of. There was no present truth there at all.

3. Japhet De Oliveira said it is okay to "turn around--nothing is etched in stone." A 180 degree turn is what we need.

4. Alex Bryan spoke and said in reference to Revelation 14 that "we need to be scared of it--we need to be quiet about these things." The belief was brought out that our church needs to CHANGE now--forget what we once thought was truth.

5. Sam Leonor was the next speaker. He said "Adventists need to learn new things" and caused much raucous laughter and hooting from the 750 attendees. He said "new light is coming" and he mocked 1844. They spoke about how "new truth is constantly re-named and constantly changed."

6. Dilys Brooks had a huge diatribe against the SDA church and spoke about how those against them are "judgmental" and "hypocritical" and "how we (SDA's) will protect the purity of the church"--when she said this there was MUCH mocking laughter and hooting from the audience as well as clapping. For some reason this was funny to them.

7. Leonard Sweet - Introduced with much adoration--even to his "beautiful silver long hair that touched his signature scarf." She said he came out looking very pleasing and that his voice was very pleasant to hear. But his message was new age and although he didn't say a lot of controversial things, he did say "renewal is needed and we need to learn and interpret Scripture by CULTURE."

8. Tim Gillespie - gave another version of present truth which he said was an "ever-changing" present truth. He said "to remain fresh we must feed from many streams. Others must give us information. God is always doing something new outside our denomination."

All during these two days of meetings there was a large Christian rock group who would play between speakers very loudly. She said the music was awful.

At the end of the two days they were instructed to "anoint" the person to their right, on their HAND, with olive oil. The lady telling us this wasn't sure what this was for but she thought it was very strange. She said she believes it is from Catholicism.

The One Project Background

What started out as an intrusion with Willow Creek and the Celebration Movement a dozen years or so ago, has grown into much more including new age and spiritualism. Some of the players are the same with new ones added, such as Rick Warren and Leonard Sweet.

It is important we know enough about this intrusion to warn, especially our youth against these charismatic speakers such as Alex Bryan and Leonard Sweet (a non-Adventist that is trying to distance himself with the Emergent Church & Spiritual Formation). Sweet though is still very much involved in mysticism/new age.

Carfully read the following from the OneProject website. Think about what is said and how it can be interpreted. As written it could apply to many "like-minded energetic individuals focused on change and transformation". For instance it could apply to a group that is wanting to change the fundamental beliefs of the church. This is a poorly written vision statement at best? Our people need to wake up to what is happening. You CAN make a difference by speaking up and not supporting those things that are against God's Word. Is this group out to "shape the trajectory of the church?". We believe it most definitely is.

6. What is the vision of the One project? Click here to see their website.

We believe that there is a sacred echo for followers of Jesus all over this planet - people longing for community with like-minded energetic individuals focused on change and transformation, who have taken hold of the Kingdom of God in anticipation of the Kingdom of Heaven yet to come. While we love our Church as she is, we are also called, along with others, to shape its trajectory. The One project does not exist to replace camp meetings or conferences or symposiums or summits or retreats. It is a gathering of pastors and members on a level playing field, allowing them to explore how best to fulfill the great commission. It will continue for as long as there is a need for this space.


Never heard of this until now, when I went to the site all I could read was Jesus this, Jesus that ...can someone provide a summary of what they stand for. Not hearsay and " holy" gossip am reading here. I have not heard abt this so am just asking for clear pointers on what these guys believe. We are not to critise and fault find our own family without full facts.


I think One Project provide a vital ministry to the church and the meetings are very uplifting. Their focus is on making Christ accesible to all. 

ZJOutback get serious. You have acknowledged that you are a liberal 'progressive' Christian. 

Yes I am. How does that conflict with what I posted ?

ZJOutback get serious. You have acknowledged that you are a liberal 'progressive' Christian. 

Dwight teaches a lot of apostasy and seems overly proud of himself. Bill Knott does nothing BUT ridicule historical SDA's.
Manuela, look it up. You never like OR believe what we say, as you have said.
I've heard them both speak in person, Dwight and Bill.
Sadly, my uncle is on this list.
People that don't see new age spiritualistic things when they're staring them in the face, don't want to see it. Basic fact.
And some purposefully deceive on these issues then fain innocence. Right. As if..
The accusation is unwarranted. Since he teaches a lot of apostasy, can u name just 5 of the apostacies. Otherwise I ask you to apologise to him ( in abscencure). And this is how they shall know that ye are mine, if you have love one for another. You do come from a family don't you? Do you all agree on everything? I suspect not. But you still love them. You protect them from needless harm. Pr Dwight is senior pr of PMC, a mammoth task. He needs our prayers and support. If you have noticed problems in his preaching, like Priscilla and Aquila, direct him in the right direction. The spirit of fault finding and criticism ( name calling, none issue based) is of the devil and should not be lightly regarded. Educate and inform without fear but with respect and humility, knowing we can all make mistakes.

It is appalling how Adventist preachers get ripped apart in this way on an Adventist forum. There are preachers who I do not agree with but how can I call myself a child of God if I go as far has hurting one of God's annointed in this way ?

You shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles? Matthew 7:16

Dwight Nelson is a fearless preacher of Bible truth and does all he can to direct hearts and minds to serving God.


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