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The United States Economy will collapse in September, prophecy will be fulfilled.

Prophecy is going to be fulfilled in September 2015.  It's time for us to start preparing ourselves.

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my husband and i have thought about this too 

it can be a possibility that this general conference will be the last one

and that the next GC will be in heaven

Hi Tita Leh,

No one knows the hour of his coming, Not all prophecies has not yet been fulfilled, the false Christ has not yet appeared, the world has to be chaotic before the anti-Christ appears while we still need to spread the good news. 

This the beginning of the end but the end has not yet come. I would rejoice that if the economy in the U.S. will collapse because if you are true to him, he will supply your needs. 

I think your being an alarmist...  We know not the day nor the hour of His coming.  We just have to be ready study it out and surrender and you will be ready for whatever pain breaks through!  Read your bible it doesn't say when He is coming.  I also don't watch the news very much because it is mostly bad news.  I'm interested in the good news!!!

I am not being an alarmist but I spreading to people who needs to hear the good news ;) 

Only time will tell Gabriel

But if it doesn't happen will you post a retraction? This type of speculation can be unhealthy for you and others.


Like the Pathfinder Pledge & Law goes, keep a level eye ;)

So if the stock market crashed on September 15, 2011, September 2008, and it will happen on September 2015, think critically or better watch the video and read the article by Congressman Ron Paul. 

Gabriel,thank you for posting this, Pay no attention to the negative comments . Some here want to know,I am one of them .

Hi Livia,

I receive negative comments like Leon's to keep standing up to the truth, it doesn't have any any negative affect on me because I choose to to think positive for myself. It's only going to make me into a stronger person ;) 

Gabriel if you are correct time will bear that, but if you are not a retraction apology for alarming folk, and some self examination should be your next actions.

You claim such a great relationship with the Holy Spirit and Here you are running scared. What is the Holy Spirit doing for your backbone is He sleeping? Gone on holiday? Maybe taking a Sabbatical?  

Good Point, Lazarus. That's why I  don't Leon at all so his responses are not really valid. Especially when it comes to scripture. 

And what scripture are u using to support the financial collapse.


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