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The United States Economy will collapse in September, prophecy will be fulfilled.

Prophecy is going to be fulfilled in September 2015.  It's time for us to start preparing ourselves.

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Collapsy? Again? Is stand of need of.collapsed? What kind of.collapsy? The.whole country are banckrupsy and millins of citizen are deep on debts that cant be paid ! given back to bank/dealers ! Even some that love to brag have been sttoped doing so ! It seems confused to me !

I know that you are British amigo did you know that stock market lost more than 530 points for a second day yesterday? That's alarming 

That happens when you artificially inflate it to make it look better than it is, and countries like Greece default.

Well my concern is that there is a "war" going on with China with the smaller Asian Nations. The Chinese are bullying the smaller countries like the Philippines, Taiwan by building artificial islands which are blocking U.S Commence Ships. Since the economy in China is weakening and that is the other factors to the downfall of the U.S Dollar.

Gab..I meant that is already a broken economy. ..bankrupt. .
I didnt get the real meaning of the post about if bible will be fulfilled in Sept 2015! Sorry...

An update to the economy 8/24/2015

US Stocks plunge at open Chinese stock rout

Hello Gabriel

Stock's Go up and down. Predicting them is like the weather and hardly prophetic. I would advise if they do go down invest, you will benefit from the rise. Or you could move to the country.

The Chinese market is due for a fall; it is based on a flawed system with an unstable foundation. Hopefully they will learn something, or they could be like Greece.

The Western economy; especially the U.S. is volatile due to a huge disparity in wealth and unstable factors in valuing stocks. History shows us that top heavy economies fall when they fail to take care of the common man. We are slowly falling into that trap.



Things are looking really bad however, it's not going to me from fulfilling my dreams of opening an IT Shop here in my area.

However, if God impresses me to move to the country, thy will be done. Now, my relationship with God is a priority but it's not an excuse for me to be lazy and not do anything. 

IT business are very viable in the current economy. You may want to add a cyber security specialty which is essential in today's market.  As far as the country is concerned, move if you like it there, but I doubt there is a mission for you. Most of the world population live in and around cities, that is were general work , and Gods work is.


Leon, I actually do provide cyber security of the cloud networking products that I specialize in.

I see that you are an educator, I've attached some literature for education and retail security presence.

I am trying to reserve a space for the hacker halter conference in Atlanta next month. Pray that I can go.

thanks for the information. l will pray that God leads you to maximize your talents. I work for Chrisfian universities who utilize their own systems, but if I see an opportunity I will forward your information.

Oh really? I sent you a friends requests, If you would allow me to describe you in my own words about this system, we can DEF work something out if opportunity arises. 


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