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I never used the word trinity either. But the word of God was understood.


John 10:30 is fairly clear also. as is John 1:1-3.


three figures as the Godhead; - In unity in doctrine, authority and power and love, united as ONE. Just as Jesus said!


This does not mean three heads in one body: but there are THREE which are ONE in doctrine,authority and power and love.

John 17:20-21  Neither pray I for these alone, but for them also which shall believe on me through their word;That they all may be one; as thou, Father, art in me, and I in thee, that they also may be one in us: that the world may believe that thou hast sent me. 


If you re read what I statedand understand it, you will see that you and I would agree.

If they are three figures How can they have one physical head.  Too many people rely on hollywood to perceive that which is truth and correct.


As I said, and you have stated from the word of John, Just as Jesus said!


God bless.

I understand COL and I agree with ALL what you are saying.

Hi Rob,

Does simply claiming to be a Christian cause any to become one?


You talk about Catholic as if it is a disease. But you must remember there are going to be plenty who adhere to God's calling who come out from all walks of religion, just as there will be those who walk away from the truth!

Becareful that people are not offended and turn away because they misunderstand where you are coming from not having fully known.

Jesus said we should love the sinner, not the sin. If we are trying to talk to a person of a foreign language and understands no other, is translating English to English really of any benefit?


There's one sure thing, if you are talking to another Christian of a different faith and belief and you mention the word trinity, straight away that person is going to know you are going to be talking about God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit, in some form in their mind.


We must remember that it is all about the chance of salvation for every man woman and child. No one has a greater right to salvation than any other.

Jesus and the Apostles warned us not to cause trouble over trivial things. If a person is being led by the Spirit of God, we can be sure that God is able to give understanding from stones, if that person is willing. We need to encourage the willingness through love.

@ Col I couldn't agree with you more, in fact sometimes I don't speak up in Sabbath schools even when the group follow incorrect interpretations of Scripture...there is nothing wrong with living in any form it comes, ye are judged by the light ye know...Jesus said there is more I can tell you but you can't bear it even the disciples were never experiencing the fullest complete teachings of Jesus...

If I was talking to Roman Catholics which I have done in the past, the word trinity is a good place to start because its a word invented by them....when witnessing start where the people are already, and move from there...However judging by the length of this post "the word trinity" brings much posts from people. I was just suggesting the term is not found in Scripture Hebrew....

If you go to my website, partnered by Jesus, we talk only of the steps to Jesus, and how to have an ongoing relationship every day with Him....  You can judge for yourself my intention of this site is to sow seeds among all people and nations regardless of who they are....

Hope this helps restore things

God bless your ministry Col

Happy Sabbath


Nothing unrestored in the first place.

Other than the fact that, believe it or not, there are those from all walks of faith which visit even this forum.

We as man should treat each other with respect and equality  and not risk offending another.

How many times have we seen some one flee and never to return because they were hurt by the words of another.

The church has the attitude, "get over it, it happens to all of us" but i do not agree that God will not find us faultless if we do not be as gentle as a lamb with tender hearts.

who's up set. Maybe that is your desire. But I suggest you grow up and focus yourself on Jesus, he wouldn't carry on like that. you seem to have missed the plot.

Hi Rob,

No offense but you gave me a reason to ask you and others a question.

Why people keep saying the phrase and concept of Trinity (i quote) " was invented by Roman Catholics? 

As far as I know early church history, when (around AD. 325) the concept and phrase was finalized Roman Catholic Church did not exist yet, as it is. This time was the first major break amongst Christianity. The separation happened between the follower of Arius (Arian Christianity) and the the catholic (in the meaning of global, universal, united as it was before) Christianity.

The breaking point was if the Logos (Christ, Jesus) was/is equal God (same substance) with the Father or not. The Arian faith says the Logos (Christ, Jesus) is god but not the same substance, meaning some kind of lesser god. Opposition of this, the concept of Trinity have been introduced that says God is One, Father, Son and Holy Spirit equal and coexistent God.

The phrase Trinity was a brand new word that not existed before, so it is not in the Bible. And it was purposely constructed to designate and distinguish the Christian faith on the existence of God from the concepts of pagan triads.

Christianity teared apart into Orthodox christianity and Monophysite Ch. in the 5. cent again. And about a hundred years letter Orthodox Ch. block have been divided to (that we call today) Roman Catholic Church and Eastern Orthodox Christianity.

So, the point is:

1, When the phrase has been introduced only two block of Ch. existed Arian and Orthodox. No Roman Catholic yet. 

2, The word Trinity has no previous existence, so it has no pagan origin.

I see Tibi, perhaps I can stand corrected by this new light, so where on which website do we find defined at least in a historical sense what this word meant in the beginning the term "trinity"was coined? I would love to read the meaning of the term in the beginning when it came to be? Certainly on Roman Catholic websites, their meaning of the term "trinity" is unclear...

Thanks for providing the website link


Wikipedia: The English word "trinity" is derived from Latin trinitas, meaning "the number three, a triad"

It was not originated by the Church of Rome.

It appears to me that there are some here who are not seeking truth, but for those who are there are several really excellent papers written on the subject of the Trinity in the Bible and its history in the SDA Church.

see below:

The Doctrine of the Trinity Among Adventists

Author: Gerhard Pfandl

The Trinity in Seventh-day Adventist History

Author: Merlin D. Burt

The Trinity in Scripture

Author: Gerhard Pfandl

Reflections on the Doctrine of the Trinity

Author: Raoul Dederen


By Jerry A. Moon, Ph.D., Andrews University

God Bless you all,



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