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Was the 7 trumpets prophecy fulfilled or its fulfillment is yet in the future??? Please include biblical and / or historical evidence...

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The first seis trumpets already have meet their fulfillment. It is the seventh trumpet, that the angel say to John do not write noting of the seventh trumpet.  

PLease provide biblical or historical evidence of the fulfillment of the first 6, as requested above

One of William Miller's rules of interpretation is this

Number 11 " how to know when a word is used figuratively: if it makes good sense as it stands, and does no violence to the simple laws of nature, then it must be understood literally if not figuratively".

Ellen White said something similar however I cannot remember where it was written. Possibly Great Controversy book. 

I know the SDA church places the 6 trumpets historically and the seventh trumpet since 1844 as I understand.

Here is something to think about. As I understand William Miller and believers trying to understand Daniel and Revelation. They understood (incorrectly) that Jesus 2nd coming was going to occur in1844. So the prophecies relating to the 6 seals and 7 trumpets needed to be fulfilled by 1844. As we know Jesus Second Coming did not occur and we understand he went from the holy to the most holy place in the heavenly Sanctuary. So the 7th Trumpet was said occur from 1844 till Jesus comes, as I understand our church to believe.

I believe Revelation needs to be understood in symbolic and literal language.

When I read the 7 Trumpets around 7yrs ago using Millers principle mentioned above I noticed that the first 4 Trumpets mention literal earthly disasters(Judgements). The last 3 are largely written in symbolic  language and show terrible events to occur before Jesus comes.

7 Trumpet are 7 first Judgement plagues that are mingled with mercy for the sinners to repent.

Probation closes.

7 Last plagues, No mercy for the unrepentant sinner.

This is a brief answer. I have written out a short study on it and am working on expanding it with more details. 

Pray and study for yourselves. 

Thanks Cheryl ... your response makes sense. I have not found evidence to support the inference that trumpets' prophecy was fulfilled, hence the question.

I believe the trumpets will be God's last wakening call during the closing phase of this earth's existence to the unrepentant (mostly non-believers), hence they are yet to be fulfilled because there's no historical record of their fulfillment


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