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Hello everyone,I  just wanna ask ''What is really d unpardonable sin?"

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yeah ur ryt ,tanks for ur opinion,its really true dat those only who knows d ryt and keep doing wrong s responsble 4 commiting d unpardonable sin,but we al know dat al of us knows d ryt and wrong,and d unpardonable sin is commiting blasphemy,what s blasphemy by d way?

thanks brother daniel,so you mean you commit d unpardonable sin f u dont commit ur sins to GOD?

SCOTT HIT IN ON THE HEAD ANY sin that is not repented of grieves the  Holy Spirit and I cant sat when this happens for God is merciful and long suffering to us all//

 WHY do some seem to be so hard hearted and hurt others  knowingly and seemingly think they be rightous and waiting to  be in heaven as if the yhave not or are not continuing in sinful behavior?   Will they at last see  how grievious their sin is to   God and be brought to tears over their sins?

 Will they be like king Saul and  Esau and continue in them ?  Personally  I have seen where  unforgiveness of someone elses  sins against them  is an atribute the y seemingly cant get over and this unforgiveness  is said to be let go of but when they be angry  the truth comes out and they pass over it lightly and I can not fathom in my mind why they  be unforgiving  and yet  still feel as if the y doing nothing wrong? .

Sin hardens us and the worse sin u can commit is that which u know is wrong to hold on to but it feels good  and u wont or seemingly cant let go of.. . Jesus paid the full price for every and any sin we hooked on and is fully able to give us the victory over it if we ask in sincerity and be willing to submit to him daily not just once ok? . Let go brethern   let go of jealousy and any kind of hurt that stops u from forgiving someone that hurt u either imagined or real..

 YES   I  stated imagined for Satan is masterful in letting us think someone hurt us when in actuality   the y never hurt us at all. Do  u realize how many hurts we imagine someone did  t ous justy because the ysaid something tha twas true but we  feel we can not forgive the m for mentioning it or bringing it to the light so it can be  seen clearer?


It is not just a matter of sinning and repenting but to truly grieve the Holy Spirit is when we have sinned so much for so long and eventually not only stopped repenting, but stopped caring about God, or what He thinks.. It's when you have had a relationship with God and for whatever reason cast Him aside and just don't give a crap any more.... Solomon is a good example of this... By the time he did it he was consulting with witches...

You mean King Saul right? Solomon's heart turned away from following the Lord because he loved too many women. It was King Saul who consulted the Witch at Endor. 

Yes it was Saul, but no it was not because of the women... If it had been because of the women David would have also lost his salvation, but the Bible clearly states about that particular issue that God winked at their ignorance.

I Kings 11:4: "For it came to pass, when Solomon was old, that his wives turned away his heart after other gods: and his heart was not perfect with the LORD his God, as was the heart of David his father." 


Ok but it was not because, "he loved too many woman" it was because they were pagan women, and more so that he allowed them to sway him instead of converting them as he very well could have and would have been honored of God if he had done... He allowed him self after he had been given such light to turn away from God to false idols, but even at that point he had not committed the unpardonable sin yet..

How many times did the people of Israel turn to false Gods and the come back to the one true God and repent? They did it so many times it's hard to keep track and God accepted there repentance.... The unpardonable sin is when the human heart has grown so cold that there is nothing more God can do to help them.... (grieving the Holy Spirit) It is at that point that they have forever chosen who they will serve... That is the definition....

Yes, it was because he loved too many women who turned away his heart afte other gods (pagan women), you are correct. Lol. 

do you know how hard it is to commit the unpardonable sin? if God is just and merciful, then his grace is also just and merciful. if your still breathing, i believe God will still be there. i know sin cannot continue, there has to be a stopping point. a point of victory over sin. maybe its not that some things that people do they love, but a place where there used to doing something they know is wrong, but have not been able to get victory over it.

those who struggle with whatever in your life no matter how long, dont give up. 


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