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 Personally, I do not see a problem with fund raising here as long as it is for a good cause. I was just commenting on the fact that a host of things have been permitted here that are deviant.

The problem is that one man's "good cause" is another man's "not-good cause".


Mark Finley (for example) reported on the same message but didn't ask for money.

 GOD does not come in person and give money for any worthy cause . This is the best DVD .GOD impress people to give money for this project  very soon .. WATCH!!! . If you all have $1.00 extra in your pocket ,this is where your money should go .  GOD Bless Doug Batchelor and his new project .

 It is not a sin to ask for money for a cause. No one has to give if they are not impressed so. The ministry of Doug Bachelor does not get the perks that some ministries get. As the mainline church gets more liberal (worldly) this becomes increasing so.

I believe that these ministries need help in order to continue for the cause, however, somehow,for the sake of others,this should be made available to those who are in need of the word of God for free. Should it not?

You have a link to the Mark Finley report? 

Who brag to be just from his own pocket...

When fundraising it is always about "the message", not the money.  Its a ploy most successful pitches use - claim that its about the message, then say they need money to expand the message.  As clever as that Amazing Facts write up is, it is still basically a fund-raising pitch from an independent ministry.

I do not believe that is true Shannon Amazing Facts is a self funded ministry. Their only way to stay in ministry is to ask for donations. If you feel it is not right do not give any to them, it is after all free for us to say yes or sadly no.   

if ask donation is fake self supported!

You are confused. AF is not an independent ministry but a self supporting ministry. There is a difference. Self supporting simply means that they do not drain from the mainline church coffers. That is commendable. Obviously self supporting ministries are funded by people. The real issue here is that some do not like the strait message delivered by Amazing Facts and since they can find nothing wrong with the ministry they attempt to demonize them for raising funds to support their ministry.

How about the real issue being the lack of faith that is being shown (see my last post)?

Colprteur, if you think that the real issue is the message then I will leave you to think alone. These ministries are not self-supporting - a more correct name would be "supported-by-everyone-else ministries". There are very few actually self-supporting ministries around. Paul gave the best example, when not engaged in evangelism he worked to support himself and the mission. My argument is not solely with AF either, it is with all these televangelist ministries (SDA or not) that put such a big emphasis on getting money out of people rather than putting out testimonies of how God can answer prayers and provide for His children.


For many of these ministries it was not a question of whether they were "draining" funds from the church (interesting that you view the funding of these ministries as a "drain").


Now, if you think this is demonisation because (in your head) I don't like AF or their "strait message" then you are really missing the point, so allow me to make it again:


This is an "Urgent Prophecy Alert" that is not posted on their news page but on their Donations page. IOW it is used as a vehicle for soliciting money. IMHO that cheapens the whole thing. It may be me being picky but as this is an "Urgent Prophecy Alert" I would expect this to be a news item - with a link to the donations page if they must use it to raise funds - but it isn't. Instead it is used a springboard for raising $250,000. Presumably, God is not able to answer their prayers and so they are left dependent on having to beg for it from others? Yet Mark Finley was able to blog about this event without using it to try and raise money for the church.



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