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Compare Christ and Antichrist 

Let us compare a few points about Christ and Antichrist. This will let us more readily understand the players involved

1 Christ begins ministry by the water of baptism

1 Antichrist comes out of the water Rev 13:1

2 Christ had a ministry for 3 ½ years

2 Anti Christ had a ministry for 42 months (3 ½) years

3 Christ is one with the Father

3 Antichrist is one with the Dragon

4 Christ has His authority from the Father

4 Antichrist has his authority from the Dragon

5 Christ wears a Crown Rev. 19:12

5 Antichrist wears a crown Rev. 13:1

6 Christ wields a sword Rev. 19:15

6 Antichrist wields a sword Rev 13:7

7 Christ come back to life Rev. 5:6

7 Antichrist come back to life Rev. 13:3

8 Christ was betrayed by a close friend (Judas)

8 Anti Christ was betrayed by her eldest son (France) who was the first of the 10 to become converted to the Catholic faith.

9 Christ did die on the cross and rose again

9 Anti Christ received the deadly wound which was healed

10 Jesus Christ is the Son of God

10 The Antichrist is the son of Satan

11 Jesus had the power from His Father

11 The Antichrist shall have the power of his father (Satan)

12 Jesus' authority came from His Father

12 The Antichrist shall have authority from his father

13 Jesus did great miracles

13 The Antichrist will do lying signs and wonders

14 Jesus' followers worship the Father

14 The Antichrist's followers will be deceived to worship Satan

15 Jesus entered Jerusalem

15 The Antichrist shall enter Jerusalem

16 Jesus is God come in the flesh

16 The Antichrist shall proclaim himself to be God

17 Jesus followers worship Him

17 Those that follow the Antichrist shall worship him

18 Jesus is truth

18 The Antichrist is deceit and lies

19 Jesus is love

19 The Antichrist is the embodiment of hate

20 Jesus gives life

20 The Antichrist gives death

21 The Holy Spirit guides you to truth

21 The false prophet guides you to deceit

22 The Holy Spirit glorifies Jesus

22 The false prophet glorifies the Antichrist

23 The saints are sealed with the Holy Spirit

23 The deceived are sealed with the mark of the Beast

We are all GOD"S STEWARD, it depends on us if we are willing to give or not. 
It is  you & and Your  God can talk about the matter in where you spend the Blessings he has showered to you.

but this not the main objective why I post this subject, do I have to emphasize this again and again?

Yet some are so hard to share the blessings, but if you think it is a burden for you to give, then do not!

the fact that you are ready to spread the gospel in your way with God's guidance.

Jesus is very soon to come , are you  really prepared when the end of time comes?

True Cindy God did give us a free will, and it is up to us to honor Him with our substance or not. It is sad to see this discussion go of topic and get on to the funding of a independent ministry, like Amazing Facts.

In the mean time the Antichrist has his agenda to get the whole world under his banner. And all we can do is argue about funding of a independent ministry, May God have mercy on our sinful ways.       


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