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Of course it is legal for Amazing Facts to raise money and yes, fund raising is how they stay in business.  My question was about the rules for Adventist Online.  Is it within the Guidelines to post fundraising links on this forum?  As I read the rules it is not.  We all agreed to the rules when we signed up, so we should stick with the agreement.

@Shannon, if you wanted to know more about Adventist online rules, review it again. It also states we should not harass others nor accuse others. With your comments, you are destroying the work of God which must take place, with the help of donations.( Besides, that was not the intent of Cindy's post.)

Why must you scrutinize and dwell upon what "you Thought" was, by pointing out frailties, thereby hindering the work to be done?

Did you know that many of us  here have posted the same video?

I understand you're said to be new in the SDA faith, although your profile says you are a longstanding Adventist.

Do Not Judge

LUKE 6:42
"Why do you look at the speck that is in your brother's eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye?

This is the rule Zowi,  

9.  No spamming, soliciting money, commercial messages, or link farming.

Are you saying that some people use Adventist Online to fund raise even though they had to agree with the rule to join?  I tried to say I am new to the Website.  If I accidentally said I am a new Adventist then I apologize.

No problem,Shannon.  Just wanted to point out that nobody's perfect. We all make mistakes.

There are many young people here whom are sometimes seeking attention.And we must pray for them.

If at any point there's a violation of Adventist Online,it will be called to one's attention. No need to worry ourselves.

So far,I don't believe there has been any. Although,I could be wrong.


Really Shannon I believe you are stretching those concepts beyond credulity maybe you should discuss this with Clark P he is the owner of this site and oversees the moderation as well.

Folks, that post by Amazing Facts was a fundraiser. The fact that so many of you don't see it as a fundraiser shows how subtly effective it is. No charity comes in and says "here is a fund raising letter, please read it", fund raising appeals are always cast around some other issue like this one is.

This one is somewhat duplicitous. Amazing Facts wants to make 24 videos for $250,000. They are not going to make 24 videos on this one speech by the Pope, in fact they have already made the video about the speech. As Jill pointed out, the prophecy didn't change, why not just append the implications of the speech onto their existing videos?

They are going to make 24 new videos, so the situation is not at all urgent, and is really not related to the Pope's speech. The speech just came along at a good time for Amazing Facts to tack onto it and ask for money.


I highly disagree with you because first of all there is something that you don't know about me. I am part Italian so my understanding of Italian is very strong. Everything that Pope Francis was true, second of all, if you go online and find Tony Palmer is indeed good friends with the pope  so I really don't know where are you getting your speculations of Amazing Facts.

I didn't claim Amazing Facts said anything incorrect in that video about Pope Francis, what I am disputing is the claim that Amazing Facts intends to make 24 more videos on the same subject.  I doubt it, I suspect the 24 videos will be over a variety of subjects.


If one looks at the rules as being equivalent to laws then one has to look at the elements that go to the violation of the law. In this instance one must take into account the intent of the post. It is obvious that the intent was not to solicit funds but rather to inform.

Personally, I think that the way that Amazing Facts presented this information was tacky and unnecessarily linked to their own drive to raise funds. However, I think it is also clear that it was not Cindy's intent when posting this link to raise funds, that is just an unfortunate by-product of the way that the information has been presented.


I think the only rule that has been violated is that of good taste - and not by Cindy, I hasten to add.

The Bible is full of good advice on the value, importance and need to give and receive, including the well-known text, “It is more blessed to give than to receive” (Acts 20:35). Ellen White also gave sage advice on generosity and asking for donations. In a May 1893 article in The Review and Herald,she wrote, “The Spirit of Christian liberality will strengthen as it is exercised, and will not need to be unhealthfully stimulated. All who possess this Spirit, the Spirit of Christ, will with cheerful alacrity press their gifts into the Lord’s treasury.

this has been posted here countless times, but thx anyways 

 It is interesting  how a couple of ladies here (pro WO) have no problem keeping silent when other rules are broken constantly. There are posted here links to all kinds of non SDA  sites that teach heresy but not a word has been said about it. They seem to protest little or not at all when names are called, like stupid, ignorant etc.  If someone would have posted a link to an ABC not a word would have been said. My point is that they are playing favorites and are not being consistent because of bias. 


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