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Vatican deports Doug Batchelor

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No Never been to Austin. I was in Snyder, Tx.

Well, hopefully you learned something.  Also, with a town of 10k people, you had to be somewhere else before you got there.  I don't think you jumped out of an airplane and landed in a small town surrounded by virtually nothing.


I drove through miles of nothing. I go there often to visit family. You are right there is nothing around, the closet city of any size is LA.

Snyder, according to family members,  is nothing but Drugs and Alcohol and churches. Face it, some areas are worse that others, but corruption is everywhere.

Another of my daughters lives in Milford UT. Same story, drugs and alcohol, nothing else to do.

Nothing wrong with Texans 

Compared to California, we are doing just fine.  The biggest problem we have had lately is human bio weapons being launched at us from West Africa.

I am not a fan of Doug Batchelor but this is a cruel joke.  No need to treat him like this.

What according to Leviticus 18, do you find objectionable?  The fact, that the land is affected by sexual sin?  We say that with Sodom and Gomorrah in Genesis 19:23-25, "By the time Lot reached Zoar, the sun had risen over the land. 24 Then the Lord rained down burning sulfur on Sodom and Gomorrah—from the Lord out of the heavens. 25 Thus he overthrew those cities and the entire plain, destroying all those living in the cities—and also the vegetation in the land."

Is it me, you are displeased with, or the scripture I have presented?


i think if you presented this as a new thread it can more be fleshed out

and you might get good thoughts

i am not a wordsmith to deliciously debate on this issue

all i can do is share GOD in His fulness as i have found as my Lord and Saviour

i used to believe as you do

i have found sermons and books that address the kind of GOD in the OT

not perfectly of course

but i learn to lense the entire bible thru JESUS on the CROSS

JESUS show us GOD

where before its all faceted thru the customs and culture and men of old who havent seen God fully

one of the reasons JESUS came was to show us the Father (more than any story or verse or song or prophesy)

i dont dispute the scriptures

i just disagree with your perceptions of it

it must be filtered thru the KEY OF KNOWLEDGE (the Pharisees did not have)

that Knowledge will be the Science and the Song of the Redeemed and the Angels

GBU Sir!

start a thread on this

i hope everyone ways in :)

#my comment about disagreement with personal opinions expressed by Doug started a


Wait a minute.  You diverted the thread.  I responded to what you said.  And now I am the hijacker?

Wait a minute.  You diverted the thread.  I responded to what you said.  And now I am the hijacker?


#my comment about disagreement with personal opinions expressed by Doug started a



oh boy!

i said my comment started it

no wonder we cant talk

u read into my thoughts that have nothing to do what i say


and Manuela

i notice

have a nice day :)

So, you can make a statement about Doug Batchelor, and I provide a basis for his comment, and then and now I am a hijacker?  I didn't read any thoughts.  You said you disagreed that support for homosexual marriage was causing a problem in California according to Batchelor.  I simply provided scripture that would support his position based on the rampant immorality in California, that is celebrated.

Further, this thread was about Doug Batchelor, so if we are discussing him, how is it inappropriate to further explore the statement?

For my own curiosity

What is a hijacker?



Someone who takes a vehicle and by force and causes it to deviate from its intended course.

Hello Bart

Are you being sarcastic? I know what an actual hijacker is, what is it in the context of blogosphere.




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