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Video: 'Back to the Future' movie gave astonishing clues to events that occurred after its 1985 release.

This video reveals strikingly clear evidence that the 9/11/01 Twin towers disaster may have been part of the New World Order agenda. The movie Back to the Future, released in 1985, reveal exactly what would happen to the twin towers on 9/11.  But it also points to October 21, 2015 as having important significance. What's the Illuminati planning to do on October 21, 2015? Maybe just release the movie predicted in Back to the Future which will give more clues to the New World Order agenda?

This clip points out that Back to the future emphasized 30 years after 1985, October, 2015, as potentially significant in regard to NWO. This is immediately after the Goals for Sustainable Development based from "Agenda 21" (possible connection with 21), which were signed by all nations at the UN meeting ( that take a major step in the direction of forming a one world government.  It's also when the movie "The Walk" was released which contains symbolism about the twin towers in which stringing a wire between them may indicate efforts to form ties between major world powers.  (Update; on October 21,2015 Syria's Assad made a surprise visit to Russia to see Putin, strengthening the ties between world powers.  As more world powers join into alliances for military purposes it could lead to world war which would be followed by major world restructuring).

 In this clip it's also interesting that the symbolism about the twin pines replaced by the lone pine highlights the One World Trade Center as coming out of the disaster of 911. This name change seems significant in light of NWO agenda - because "one world" government and religion is a major UN goal (as I discussed in the link above).

It is also of note that in Matthew 24 Jesus describes a 9/11/01 like scene of "buildings" being thrown down immediately prior to the verse where His disciples ask him "Tell us, when will these things be?  And what will be the sign of Your coming and of the end of the age?" after which He launches into the detailed description of all the end time events.  So it's as if Jesus connected the final end time events as happening largely after 9/11 - that 9/11 NY was the "sign of (His) coming and the end of the age."  (There are other Bible passages that confirm the significance of 9/11 too - especially the entire first chapter of Zephaniah)

Most importantly these things reveal that the prophecies about kings of the earth planning a one world government in the end of time are coming true (Psalm 2, Revelation 13). In response to an awareness that is best for us to prepare for Christ's soon coming, as it would be a waste of time and energy to try to stop the kings of the earth from conspiring to form a one world government. The world is ending soon- Christ is coming in the clouds of heaven to take his children home to heaven! We must study carefully all scriptures in order to understand how this will truly occur and avoid deception!

I don't necessarily agree with or espouse all of the views presented in the video - especially some of the things toward the end about collective consciousness are a little confusing and not clearly presented).

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Hi Bart,

Yes, I agree with you that we should be studying carefully the signs of the times in comparison to the prophecies, because so many things are happening right now that are significant in the eternal scale of things.

Also to prepare our hearts and minds through sanctification that comes from having a close relationship with Jesus.  We have been given the warning that those who do not prepare before the time of trouble will not be able to once it comes - like the foolish virgins in Christ's parable.  This gives you the idea that the final events will come like a sudden, overwhelming surprise that catches people off guard- which is consistent with the verses about it being like a thief in the night, etc.

"Christians should be preparing for what is soon to break upon the world as an overwhelming surprise, and this preparation they should make by diligently studying the word of God and striving to conform their lives to its precepts." {Ellen White, Our Father Cares, 190.5}

Of course this is true, brother.  But you shouldn't use this kind of extreme example as an excuse to set aside all practical examples of prophecy fulfillment in the real world.

It seems you are doing the same thing that I have seen so many times- people point to one toxic extreme in order to justify the opposite toxic extreme.  This happens in the liberal and conservative battle continually- and the truth is that all extremes are erroneous and outside of God's will. 

The Bible warns us not to go to the right or left and teaches moderation all throughout - those who go to one extreme or the other and love to justify their course of action by pointing to the bad example of the opposite extreme - are without excuse.

May God bless you and happy sabbath.

What I have presented here has nothing to do with making any predictions.  I am asking why the date of October 21, 2015 has been announced and emphasized ("you'll find out in thirty years!") by this movie that clearly demonstrates Illuminati purposes which were fulfilled at 9/11/01, etc.

The date 9/23 was also emphasized in several movies in the same way, and turned out to be extremely significant as the first official day of the Pope's historic visit where he addressed congress and the United Nations with resounding success.  That was not random or accident- it was all part of a specific plan and it was fulfilled by those who planned and announced it.

The idea of Christians setting dates for when they think the Lord comes, probation closes, etc. is a totally different subject.  Let's not compare apples with oranges.  

Here are some very clear statements from the prophetically inspired writings of Ellen White confirming insights about the role that secret societies would play in world powers during the final events Satan's efforts to influence humanity;

The world is a theater; the actors, its inhabitants, are preparing to act their part in the last great drama. With the great masses of mankind, there is no unity, except as men confederate to accomplish their selfish purposes. God is looking on. His purposes in regard to His rebellious subjects will be fulfilled. The world has not been given into the hands of men, though God is permitting the elements of confusion and disorder to bear sway for a season. A power from beneath is working to bring about the last great scenes in the drama,—Satan coming as Christ, and working with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in those who are binding themselves together in secret societies. Those who are yielding to the passion for confederation are working out the plans of the enemy. The cause will be followed by the effect.—Testimonies for the Church 8:27, 28. {ChS 50.1}

Satan Uses Influences of Mind on Mind—
Cast out of heaven, Satan set up his kingdom in this world, and ever since he has been untiringly striving to seduce human beings from their allegiance to God. He uses the same power that he used in heaven—the influence of mind on mind. Men become tempters of their fellowmen. The strong, corrupting sentiments of Satan are cherished, and they exert a masterly, compelling power. Under the influence of these sentiments, men bind up with one another in confederacies, in trade unions, and in secret societies. There are at work in the world agencies that God will not much longer tolerate.— Letter 114, 1903 {1MCP 28.3}

By a variety of images the Lord Jesus represented to John the wicked character and seductive influence of those who have been distinguished for their persecution of God’s people. All need wisdom carefully to search out the mystery of iniquity that figures so largely in the winding up of this earth’s history. God’s presentation of the detestable works of the inhabitants of the ruling powers of the world who bind themselves into secret societies and confederacies, not honoring the law of God, should enable the people who have the light of truth to keep clear of all these evils. More and more will all false religionists of the world manifest their evil doings; for there are but two parties—those who keep the commandments of God and those who war against God’s holy law. {18MR 30.1}

One of the marked characteristics of these false religious powers in that while they profess to have the character and features of a lamb, while they profess to be allied to heaven, they reveal by their actions that they have the heart of a dragon, that they are instigated by and united with satanic power, the same power that created war in heaven when Satan sought the supremacy and was expelled from heaven. {18MR 30.2}


Note that "confederate' is the same as "conspire" - the words she is speaking of here are perfectly in line with what Psalm 2 teaches about kings/world powers conspiring against God before His second coming.

Hello Pastor T,


Unfortunately I have nearly given up on sharing any new insights with any pastors in the SDA church because they don't seem interested at all and it goes no where.


You should be careful lest you be asking the age old question "have any of the Pharisees believed?" which many in Christ's time used as their excuse not to accept the truth about Him as the messiah.


SDA's don't teach that we must confess our sins to the priest but rather that every individual can seek God personally. And we also teach that individuals must study the Bible for themselves - it is not a requirement that all the Adventist hierarchy agree and give it the stamp of approval before we have permission to see new insights in the Bible.  Of course, we must follow the guiding rule that new light must not conflict with things previously revealed.


History has shown this phenomenon over and over and over - including with Christ himself, his disciples after He returned to heaven and the early Adventist believers- the older, organized body of believers nearly always refuses to accept any new insights about truth and light - and the SDA church in our times seems to be no exception to this rule in many ways. 

I find that people and pastors of the SDA Reform Movement church has a much more truth-seeking approach, and are more aware of the times in which we live and signs of the Lord's soon coming, as far as the significance of the pope's visit, etc.  though I have not discussed a lot of detail about all of these kinds of things with them.  They do at least still have evangelistic meetings about important foundational truths such as identifying the papacy in connection with Rev 13, etc. which SDA's have virtually left behind in a long trail of apostasy.

Hello Pastor T,

You may say it is my being “lost in conspiracy theories” if you would like, but consider that this is usually the type of tactic used by those who reject truth if you look at history.   And please also consider carefully the fact that those who reject obvious practical examples of prophecy fulfillment by calling it “conspiracy theories” may love the things of this world too much to be interested in the idea that Jesus might actually come soon.  Is that really “Adventist” then?   

The word Adventist is supposed to mean someone who is looking for the Lords advent – His second coming!  But for many, the word “Adventist” has come to be synonymous with a comfortable church social structure more than anything else, it seems.


I have never tried to tell any pastors about anything to do with what you call conspiracy theories, but even to suggest that the prophecies of Revelation might possibly have modern application instead of just historical fulfillments is virtually taboo on any level of the church whether conservative or liberal – which doesn’t even make logical sense as God is the God of the living not the dead.


I am a fourth generation, life-long, current member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.  My immediate family has worked on every level of the church including leadership all the way up to union presidency.  I have worked for and with the church throughout my life and served as a missionary overseas for 6 years, teaching in one of our colleges in Asia.


And I have personally studied the truths which God has been pleased to give our people, which caused me to discover that we are clearly not living up to the light we have been given.   I am not angry at anyone and I carry no grudges.  I believe there are many very sincere members who truly love the Lord and look for His soon coming.  But  many sincere ones are confused by the falsehoods that are being rampantly promoted in the church.  The church has become corrupted by acceptance of worldly standards - especially love for prideful display and worldly customs as well as entertainment instead of humble truth-seeking.  


For the most part the SDA church has set aside the importance of healthful and modest dress,  accepted jewelry and gaudy displays of clothing, accepting competitive sports, movie-going, feminism and homosexuality – that’s not to mention aborting hundreds of  human beings yearly and openly teaching evolution as fact in some re-accredited institutions, among many other gross evils.


You might agree with many of these practices and try to make arguments for why SDA’s should be free to accept these worldly standards.   But while SDA's are busy making excuses for sin and saying that we have to relax the standards of truth in this “modern” generation, God has a people who are serving Him in this generation according the standards that He originally asked of us and proving it can be done very successfully.


The SDARM church is a world-wide, very moderate church with virtually the same SDA doctrines.  They are unified in purpose to a much greater degree than the SDA church – instead of being torn apart by arguments between the two erroneous extremes of toxic liberalism and toxic conservativism.


They are not an off-shoot cult, like seemingly most groups which broke off from the SDA church.  The original members of SDARM didn’t even leave the church by choice but were disfellowshipped simply for wanting to uphold our standards about avoiding military combat as the European SDA organized church began to descend into deep apostasy and rejected members who wanted to remain true to the standards.


It is a church filled with smiling, happy, friendly people who notice you when you walk in the door and quickly befriend you.   It is not without fault or imperfection either – but the faults of the organization and people are more along the lines of Jacob’s faults rather than Esau’s faults.


And, yes, I am thinking about becoming a member of the SDARM.


I wish you the very best and will continue to pray for you and other SDA church members that people may wake up and recognize that Jesus is coming soon – before it is to late.


Thanks and may God bless you.


 Vicki: "As far as 9/11, it actually was very significant and is made reference to in several scriptures, including Zephaniah 1. I would encourage you to read carefully the words of Revelation 18.  This message is to be the final warning to be given to the world before Christ's coming, as Great Controversy pg. 603 also verifies.   It is very obviously a message that exposes the sins of the nations of the world which have involved themselves with Babylon - not just religious powers but "kings of the earth."

  Hi sister Vicki, very interesting indeed, I never rule anything out,  may I ask, what does Revelation 18 have to do with 9/11 in your view??

  Thank you, blessings! :)

Hello Reasoning,

Nice to hear from you.  I don't see anything in Revelation 18 connecting to 9/11, but I believe that it is clearly speaking directly of occultism such as secret societies involved with governments practice when it specifically refers to a very detailed description of occult and satanic elements of Babylon as well as the kings of the earth drinking of her wine (accepting Babylon's occult/satanic doctrines and practices) and committing fornication with her (representing agreement that occurs in secret as fornication usually does - like how people in society sometimes say "(A) is in bed with (B)" meaning that a person or organization is trying to make an agreement with or seeking to win favor of that entity).

Vicki,  I try to read all of your posts since you are  the most organized and well spoken poster here, so I do understand that you have plenty of grievances with the mainline SDA church.  If you do join SDARM I hope you keep posting and tell us more about what that community and religious experience is like.

Sister Vicki is always looking for something new, SOP counseled against this; but liberalism is worst. 

Thanks Shannon, that's very kind of you to say.  May God bless you. 

God bless you also, Jason.  I feel you're very sincere even if you don't agree with all that I'm presenting.

I would like to report that have discovered the SDARM church is teaching doctrinal error about the 144,000.  They are teaching that there are only two groups of people to be saved, saying the great multitude of Revelation7:9 are only those who were not Sabbath keepers and that all Sabbath keepers under the third angels message must be in the 144,000 to be saved.  They teach that Adventists will be raised in the special resurrection and go through the time of trouble with their brethren.  

This is all grossly in error - the book Great Controversy clearly teaches that the group who is translated without seeing death goes through Jacob's time of trouble before the special resurrection.  Sister White also says that the 144,000 will go through Jacob's time of trouble and will be translated without seeing death, like Elijah. So the group will not be made up of those who have died and been resurrected.

To teach that we will only be saved if we are among the 144,000 at this time means that we have no hope of being saved if we are in any way imperfect. The Bible and inspired writings of Ellen White teach that the 144,000 will be absolutely perfect in every way in Christ's likeness and not sin even during the time without an intercessor.  So to say that everyone now must have that degree of perfection in order to be saved means that if Moses had been in our time he would not have a chance for salvation because his character did not meet the standard of perfection when he struck the rock.

It is true that we must strive for perfection and seek to be among the 144,000 - but to teach that the only people saved under the third angels message among Sabbath keepers are those who spend a lifetime perfecting character to absolute perfection means that most members would have no chance of salvation. It's subtly subsituting sanctification for justification as the qualification for salvation. Not only this but it is out of harmony with the teachings of the Bible and Ellen White.

Nevertheless I believe that God has dealt patiently with His erring people throughout history.  The disciples of Christ had grossly erroneous views of the nature of His kingdom, and Ellen White discusses how even His mother Marry as well as John the Baptist did not understand His kingdom.  

If His people are not hard-hearted and rebellious against Him God can work with them, bless them and open their minds to further light.    However, I will not change my membership to the SDARM.


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