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Water is nonessential to our health but there is an issue. For years, I've been drinking bottle of water. Deer Park, Aquafina, and etc I've been drinking Acqafina which has been recommended by a friend but like most brands., I'm now tasting that disgusting plastic flavor and its driving me crazy.

So what do you guys recommend? 

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Some of the best water I've ever had was Eau Vive.  Unfortunately you can't find it here in the States.  My wife and I recently started sterilizing our water using a pressure cooker and then running it through charcoal for flavor.   

If your time conscious I believe Evian (expensive) and dasani (economical) are some of the best bottled water depending on your price point.

Try buying a bottle with a charcoal filter to see if that helps with your flavor sensitivity. 

To much iron and calcium from my well.  So rather than an expensive filter I purchased a distiller for $100.00.  I add a pinch of sea salt to a gallon for minerals and it is better than bottled.  Here is a link for an example of what you can get.  It will make a gallon every 3 hours and that is better than an RO unit and it is more pure.

Thanks for the link, Bart. My undersink filter broke a while ago and i cant afford to fix it.I think i might save up for one of these. Looks good and in the long run it will be cheaper than the filter jug I use now. Is the distil rate good enough or do you end up keeping lots of pre-distilled bottles at hand?

It is hot here at this time so I pour in a gallon (less than 4 liters)  of hard water and before noon it is done.  My wife will pour the distilled water in a jug and put it in the refrigerator and start a second gallon and then we will do another before we go to bed.  We just use cheap plastic jugs that you would buy water in because we freeze them and use them in a cooler when we are out in the woods on the week end and if they bust we toss it in the dust bin. The store near us sells empty gallon jugs for .50 cents. You could make 6 gallons in 24 hours if you had to but for us 3 gallons is enough.  The nice thing is that if the distiller goes bad and it will from use, you can afford to buy another one.  I think over time it is less expensive than an RO unit.  I sell the filters for RO units and a whole set is over $100.00 and they need to be changed once or twice a year depending on how much sediment there is. 

Greetings bro,

I would suggest that you change the brand or try what Rabbittroup states 

Ah, thanks for the tip guys, Happy Sabbath. 



Nice comments gentlemen, Romans 14 says not to judge our brothers what foods we eat, and water is a precious food, a simile of Jesus too.

Patricia Bragg in her book on Water says to avoid mineral salt and ingest organic salt instead. So I tried this for six months now with no ill effects...I eat no minerals of any kind, except sometimes is comes via our manufactured foods, I can't avoid.... my salt it eat daily comes from veggies, like lots of celery which tastes salty.

And as for water, we drink rain water from the country sky, miles from chemical spraying, pure as you can get from the sky... then to be sure, I intend to pass this through a reverse osmosis filter which costs $500.

Distilled water is costly to make...we are almost off the grid, our 24 volt DC home runs all we need. It has a fridge system and 24 V DC fridge, and a second system for all the rest. Plan to install a third system for 240VAC invertor ec.... the batteries cost me only $600 for two, not your expensive deep cycle ones, just 220Amp hour each. The fridge daily drops to 80% of fully charged and the other battery system to 90% of fully charged, so my batteries are always full, so this extends the chemical life.

I would not recommend town water in Australia.... makes one get sick... beware of fluoride and aluminium...

Read the Bragg book on Water.


Never drink water in China, you'll end up at the hospital. It can be fatal in most cases.

drink well water if possible also there is tap water but you have to check to see if you can drink the water at church here we have big bottles of water brought in because the water is not safe to drink

I live in the Metropolitan Area of Atlanta, Georgia. There isn't a well nearby. 


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