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Hi,I think I have seen this topic before... but is it right to work on sabbath day in the hospital? You see, we work shift and weekend always taken by the "mothers" to spend their time with their families... so, those who are single or not yet being a mother have to work on saturday, either morning or afternoon... 

Last week sabbath school we learn about what are the do's and don'ts. I do understand that in the Bible it said that we can do good things on sabbath and we shall not do things for our own purpose/benefits other than for Him. 

Besides, one of my church members told us that we should not invite people to our house on sabbath. Any idea?

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One SDA i know told me once, that it is forbidden to laugh during Sabbath. Some told me that sleeping during the whole Sabbath is the right form to "rest". My conclusion was:  best source about that topic is not what people think, but what example Jesus gave us. 

Working in the hospital? Jesus healed during Sabbath...he also could have said "medical office opens on the first day of the week, please make an appointment with Peter and come back tomorrow" - well, he did not. 

Generally i doubt, that people in the medical field will get a lot of "heavenly brownie points" if we leave those people in the hospital alone, in pain and their dirt, when we are not able to work on a different shift. [What you are going to do with the earned money during that time is a matter of your conscience...] Working in a hospital gives you even the opportunity to create and impart the idea and atmosphere of Sabbath to your patients. 

Regarding your last sentence: Jesus spend the whole Sabbath in company of (at least) his disciples, so why should it be wrong to invite people to our home during Sabbath? 

Yes, Suzika, just as you say, it is lawful to do good on Sabbath. (Matthew 12:12, Luke 6:9).

But I do believe, and suggest, that it is best (for our own conscience' sake,) that the money we earn on Sabbath is put aside for other people. I know this can feel very difficult and challenging, but Sabbath-keeping involves a "cross", a sacrifice.

Ellen White was, I believe, a good teacher in the early days of our church, and she wrote:

"Physicians need to cultivate a spirit of self-denial and self-sacrifice. It may be necessary to devote even the hours of the holy Sabbath to the relief of suffering humanity. But the fee for such labour should be put into the treasury of the Lord, to be used for the worthy poor, who need medical skill but cannot afford to pay for it." (Medical Missionary p.216)

Yes, Mrs. White is talking about doctors, and of course doctors earn a lot more money than hospital aides, etc., but I still suggest that the idea applies to all Christian Sabbath workers.

Suzika, I also suggest that your question, "What can we do on Saturday?" can be answered like this:

All we need to do, is decide what is "holy" and what is "common"... and remember to do what is holy on Sabbath.

The busiest day of the week for the priests was Sabbath, and the busiest day of the week for Jesus was often the Sabbath too (He did a lot of work on that day).

Thanks... so it is not wrong to invite people to our house if it is for fellowship God, right? 

Yes, that is right Suzika. It is not wrong to invite people to our houses on Sabbath.

I also suggest that it is not wrong for us to visit people in their houses on Sabbath.


It is not wise to ask others what is right do to on the Sabbath. The bible is the best place to start, as Christ said it is not a sin to Gods will (service,) on his day. Then get down on your knees and consult the Holy Spirit, who actually exist and will guide you in right practice.



I would not take advice from Herbert he does not even Believe we need to Keep the Sabbath.


That is false. I am a Sabbath keeper.


Really I have seen a discussion you posted that dismiss the Sabbath as of no importance, so please be a bit more truthful. Besides You do not think the Papacy is the antichrist in Revelation You do not think there is a mark of the Beast. 

So if you keep the Sabbath one wonders why? 

we should not invite people to our house on sabbath. Any idea?

many of us do have tight family ties with relatives who are not adventist

does that include we should not invite them to have a meal with us and

meet church members of the same faith? i think we should invite non

adventist friends and introduce our lifestyle food and how we worship

on sabbath

It is good to do good on the Sabbath.  That includes all emergency services: Law Enforcement, Doctors, Nurses, Firemen.

However, the rule of thumb has been all earnings that day are returned to the Church.

Hello Pastor T

Heisenberg has his own method of understanding the law. The Adventist church encourages 10% tithes and other offerings. Some pastors advocate for giving about 30% of ones income to the church, but there is no requirement for persons to donate their Sabbath earning.


If you can see fit to enforce roman law, otherwise it is good to do good. However, i find that when "out" among non-sabbath members they see no problem with this. They do things i would not do on the Sabbath. For this reason I do not volunteer at a soup kitchen on the Sabbath. If it were are by Sabbath keepers that would be another story.


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