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You met a young lady on here who decided to add you on Skype. After awhile you realized she like you and you like her as well and decided to exchange contact information so, both of you can Whatsapp each other. The conservation between the both of you are going well until one day you asked her to be your sponsor and she agreed to be your sponsor. You explained your situation and etc give her and she said she'll sponsor you the Nikkor 24-70mm F/2.8G len to help you. But after awhile you contact her on Whatsapp and saw your messages but don't respond to you at all then when she do respond then she's asking back for your address to mail the len give you. Two months after you asked her what happen and give you some story but you really want this len for a wedding in June and August but since you don't have it then your going to lost your first two big important jobs. What should the person do with this Adventist lady who like you but want to sponsor you? 

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Yes a disappointing story but that is life. Sometimes we win sometimes we loose. Did you consult the Lord? 

Yes, the person did consult the Lord.

Many persons have been used... If you like someone you Don't ask her to be your sponsor, especially if she is a lady and you met her online. Many ladies have been deceived by online 'lovers'.

So your main concern in the lens and not the lady?
This lady should be smart enough and know what to do. Your last sentence speaks volume. My advice is there is no relationship. Adventist humble ladies don't like being rude so understand her 'niceness'.

Persons who do this are not Christians but wordlings, children of Belial. These is nothing wrong in breaking a commitment even an engagement if it is made with individuals of this sort. Your happiness here  and your eternal destiny is at risk. 

I would save up the $ 1,747 to buy the lens and send some nice pictures to the lady. 

I would go with something cheaper.

...good point, so the person can send some flowers to the lady ;)

I'd move on.

I'd save up to give God the glory with every Canadian Penny!


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