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I have been critical of some doctrines of the SDA church, as well as some positions of some people, just like everyone else here. But I have come under attack being called falsely an occultist by Mutinta Nteeni because I believe and practice the scriptural 9 manifestations of holy spirit, and due to my attempting to inform people here of my research and experience of 40 years of walking by the spirit.

So, I therefore want to express the other side, actually of what I like about the SDA and its people.

First, I loved the fact that my first contacts with SDA was with very fine loving people who were kind, and actually arranged for me to have a thanksgiving dinner because I had no family to go to on Thanksgiving.

Second, I enjoyed many of the teachings over 3 years of attending SDA church as well as the many friends I made and still have with SDA followers. I love them even though we differ on some subjects, as well as agree on many.

Third, I loved the Sabbath School were I was both supportive as well as critical or asked questions. The leadership liked my scriptural authorities and supporting points that I often made. Many thanked me for my comments many times, as I was often more attentive to the Sabbath School teachings each week than many of the regulars, many who didn't even read the materials.

I also was thankful on several occasions when people who were knowledgeable of scripture agreed with me or supported my position even though someone would wrongfully and inaccurately oppose me under the false belief that I was speaking some unscriptural thing, which I was not. I often supported the leadership with points that supported there viewpoints, as well as sometimes offering another viewpoint respectfully. I also showed respect for the pastors and discussed things with them and others in a respectful manner and civilly, though sometimes we had different viewpoints or beliefs.

I also appreciated the fellowship and kindness showed to me. I also liked the GC class and book, which contributed to my understanding of many things, though I occasionally disagreed with some EGW statements which I didn't believe were sound scripturally.

I also enjoyed much of the fine live music performed, as well as singing in church, as well as some of the material presented in videos and satelite etc.

I also enjoyed the breaking of bread and the respect that people had for God according to their conscience before God. I respect that. We also joked many times and we shared more things in common as beliefs than we differed. I still fellowship with my SDA friends over the phone even though I have moved far away into a mountain community, where I have made a new friend with several SDA followers there.

I also often listen to 3 Angels broadcasting station on cable TV. I look for truth wherever I can find it, irregardless of the source denominationally or otherwise. I hold to the truth as I find it but fellowship and cooperate with the one body of Christ as much as possible, including those in the SDA.

I think that the SDA does a lot of good, in bringing the youth up in the scriptures, and doctrines that I agree with as well as their fine work in the Medical field.

There is a lot good about the SDA as well as its followers, but that is not to say that there are areas and doctrines that I believe are not correct, though believed in sincerity, or that there is a lot of misunderstanding, especially in the holy spirit area. We are all imperfect and still learning and are works in progress. I believe in the one body of Christ, which people in the SDA are also members of spiritually, and to which we are therefore brethren, brothers and sisters in Christ irregardless of denomination or non-denominationalism. God Bless, James French

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I had to re read my posts again snce u singled me out as calling you an occultist. I said this phenomenon is in the occult. Please re read my posts again. I do not know u personally, but what you are advocating in my viewi is dangerouse and occultic. Where you are an occultist or not I don't know. I certanly wukd say that holy laughter, crawling on the floor I saw in the pentecostal movement is occultic. Dangerous and folk should be careful. Here is a link where we discussed this.
Thanks tho for your sympathies to sda brethren. That was sweet.

How "Sweet" of you, to first post that we are all guilty of violating the rules and appear to back off to a more civil position, to which I also posted and attempted to bury the hatchet and posted positive things about the SDA church and its people. To which you again character assassinate me by calling me of the occult again, and adding DANGEROUS, and you then refer to videos and posts referring to occult counterfeit practices to which you paint me with a broad brush character assassination in a failed and underhanded thinly veiled manner, falsely putting words, actions, and implications that I not only never have advocated, practiced nor condoned, nor even associated with, but am totally against what you claim I am associated with. What basis of fact do you claim that I am dangerous, and of the occult. What basis of scripture do you claim for the above also?

I have consistently advocated biblical guidelines of operation of the holy spirit both in doctrine, practice in my own life, as well as in writing on these posts. I have never given up freedom of will, consciousness, nor allowed evil spirits to speak through me by possession. I have posted Greek words, context, principles, and even expounded on the Greek word leleo which means to use ones voice or speak without reference to the words spoken, and quoted Jesus giving its definition while using the word leleo several times in the verse, and referring to the fact that leleo is used 299 times in the scriptures, associated with tongues, prophesy etc. as the words that are spoken are from the holy spirit as Jesus said, not the man's words, though he speaks them with freedom of will. That is how prophesy, speaking in tongues and speaking in tongues with interpretation works.

The SDA church places good character as very important, which is true and biblical, and very important. I will not stoop to your character assassination, as I don't have to do that, you have assassinated your own character and previous post where you laid out all the guidelines, and then call me "dangerous," as well as continue to call me occult by implication.

You have failed to address my posts technical, Biblical and numerous scriptural references and relying on guidelines stated and prophesies and revelation and the record and history of the book of Acts, and plain references that believers will speak in tongues if they obey in that area.

Instead of answering my questions, statements and logic with logical and sound doctrine based on the scriptures, or research into the Greek, or even researching what I refer you to, including a whole book I originally recommended to you, you continue to attack me personally which actually proves the weakness of your position, even though it may be held by many SDA people. Majority belief is often wrong. You attempted to shut me up, just like those who wanted to shut up Paul, Jesus, and in fact all of the prophets. You have violated not only the guidelines you just posted, but you have violated principles of the word directly by stating things that are contrary to the scriptures such as the forbidding of speaking in tongues contrary to the advocation of SIT by Jesus, Paul, Joel.

You have never heard or seen me operate holy spirit in person so how can you lump me in with those that fall down slain in the spirit, or run into walls foolishly, uncontrollable laughter, crawling on the floor etc. and claim that is the holy spirit in operation. In 40 years I have never once done such things, nor shall I.

I am totally against all demonic and occult practices, doctrines and practices contrary to sound doctrine. All operations of holy spirit should be done decently and in order, and in love of God. Your character assassination and lumping me in with occult falsely is definitely not operating the love of God, especially after I posted and retreated to a more civil approach.


Paul said, if a man wants to remain ignorant, let him. I will let you remain ignorant, but I will not allow you to attack my character without objection.

Gentlemen, please calm down, and remember others read your material wanting to know more about Jesus and His power flowing in our lives....

Keith, if you have evidence post the SOP for us to read:

QUOTE: "Read about some our early church history and you will see Ellen White and others were involved in the shouting, crawling on the floor and fainting with multiple people having visions. Sounded very Pentecostal to me. One of the meetings even ended up in court for disturbing the peace. For those who want to go back to our beginnings." end quote

Mutinta , I am still waiting for your email reply....

James, I am interested in your experiences with the Holy Spirit...please tell us about them, but remember this is a public forum, so don't be too personal.... My experience with the Holy Spirit is I battle with presumption....the opposite of presumption in meekness....somebody who is meek has power of God but does not use it for personal gain.... Often we feel attacked when other criticize us...a part of meekness is to allow this while not affecting us... there is a strange Bible principle....

Ps 126:5 They that sow in tears shall reap in joy.

And in the NT

Heb 13:15 By him therefore let us offer the sacrifice of praise to God continually, that is, the fruit of our lips giving thanks to his name.

Jodie Erikson wrote a book, praising God while becoming a paraplegic


I apologise. Its my personal view. I strongly oppose speaking in tongues as u say. Am sure the Lord will help me see the light as I talk to Him daily. Pray for me.

Forgot about it!! Will respond to it tomorrow, God willing.


thanku for this wonderful OP!

maybe we all can use this THREAD to share what we love about this church

.... maybe more later ;) onto the underrbelly .......................................

"Paul said, if a man wants to remain ignorant, let him. I will let you remain ignorant, but I will not allow you to attack my character without objection."James French

i dont know the guy u are referring to or if that is indeed the case

Character Assasination  happens alot here here in a Christian Forum :/

but we must object and say so strongly if so inclined

and then they will thinking GOD is in their side

will say worse?

o boy!

#Joni Eareckson Tada is what she goes by now rob

read a few of her books ages ago!

Praise GOD!

Yes thanks all for cordial friendship

Let's press together, we can have differences of opinion, and still press together

Joni Erickson Tada was an amazing woman...moral of careful what you pray for...

Shalom everyone, may we find time to pray and talk to Jesus and eat His words daily

Good idea, but a lot of people have refused to research the books, scriptures, Greek words, and my witness testimony, they either attack, demonize, or politely ignore. In practice it is not working, because there is a wall of opposition created by preconceived bias against the truth that doesn't fit SDA theology, as if God is an SDA ONLY God.

The believers in time around Acts 2:4 and until Paul's epistles etc. only had the Old Testament as written word, and there was no prophet in Israel for 400 years. The great movement of the word which turned the world upside down, with mass salvation, miracles, signs and wonders. Peter and other Hebrew believers saw and heard the Gentiles receive (lambano: Greek: to receive the Holy Spirit into manifestation) as they heard them speak in tongues in languages that they did not know nor learn, (laleo: Greek to speak without reference to the words spoken) and prophesy.

Thus it was evidence in the senses realm that they were also borne again by the gift of God, the Holy Spirit. Since the Gospels were not written yet, it was the testimony of each believer who walked in the power of the Holy Spirit because they believed the testimony and the evidence of speaking in tongues, as no one can speak in a language of men or Angels (I Corinthians 13:1) and prophesy with freedom of will, except by the Holy Spirit that gives the utterance. We have more scripture then they had, but we also have great resistance and unbelief in the various denominations including SDA.

All denominations function thus; only believe what we spoon feed you. Pay your tithes to the 501(c)(3) corporation controlled by the government, don't criticize the government, private Federal reserve, don't really expose the demonic new world order, pay social security and and never over turn the money changers tables and agenda, and all will go well!

I identify myself as a Son of God, a member of the body of Christ and as an able minister of the Gospel and a steward of the divine sacred secrets as revealed to Paul by the revelation of Jesus Christ. I seek truth from anywhere I can find it, and I am not beholden to anyone but God and His Son.
You are reasonable and friendly, and appear to be open minded in a good sense. Regarding Holy Spirit as the gift of God: every believer has CHRIST in him, the hope of glory; thus the ability to operate according to God's word written, and revealed the seven manifestations which are not gifts, but manifestations. Gifts was added by the translated in 1611 which has confused people and violates the principles of the equality and power given according to musterion (Sacred Secrets) revealed by Paul. But the manifestation of the spirit is given to every man to profit withal.

I have had the privilege of having operated all 9 manifestations of Holy Spirit: speaking in tongues is at will, which is praying in the spirit, along with tongues with interpretation and prophesy which is also at will meaning it can be done anytime, though SIT with interpretation and prophesy is designed for the assembly but can be done alone as Holy Spirit is in 24 hours a day. (These are the worship manifestations. The revelation manifestations are word or message of knowledge, word or message of wisdom (what to do with the word of knowledge). You can have both or either depending on the need and God's prerogative. For example, you may just get revelation withod word of wisdom because it's for your own understanding or God is teaching you, like wise if you know something by five senses already, God may show what to do with that info etc. there is also discerning of spirits to know if presence of spirit, if from God or not and whether you may cast them out or not.

Then there is the power manifestations of faith, which gives you the trust to carry out the impossible at your command as directed by the revelation received. Even speaking in tongues requires the manifestation of faith. Next; working of miracles, and finally gifts of healing. It is a manifestation, but to the one healed it is a gift. These manifestations are used individually or in combination depending on the need as directed.
God empowers them, so they are actually easy to do after learning from scripture and taught by God. The problem often is for people to believe that tongues, healing etc. is available. Much more would happen if people had trust, believing and understanding.

Smith Wigglesworth spoke in tongues, healed all manner of diseases including appendicitis, doctor told woman it was hopeless, Smith came and told her she would be healed if she believed and would be dressed in 15 minutes. She did. Doctor came back and pressed her side were pain was excruciating and she no longer had any symptoms or pain. Even Doctor said it was God. Wigglesworth raised the dead also. That's something I would like to do: death is an enemy.

thank you for the kind words of seventh-day adventist

i will continue to remain as one

cannot think of other groups i would join in fellowship

but it is true some non sda church that i am friendly with are less critical than the sda brethren i associate with

we leave it all in gods hands to be the judge to who he will invite in the kingdom

Thank you for being kind which is godly, yes ultimately God is the Judge, you can't get in through the back alley etc. When I first came here you befriended me which Showed me your heart. I believe surely you will be in the Kingdom.

Well a year ago I would have said haystacks.  But a year ago my church decided to have every other Sabbath as a Haystack potluck.

So I will just say, I look forward to normal potucks after church.  Hahaha.  I also really enjoy our 2 hour bible study group after the potluck.  


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