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What should you do with a person who has brutally murdered a member of your family?

My nephew tried to enjoy himself at a beach in the Philippines. He ended up missing. They found him that night, buried in sand. They know who did it, because the murderers gave his sister the victim's shirt, before they found the body. They broke his neck, put rocks inside his mouth, and put a harpoon through his head. It really hurt our entire family. He didn't do anything wrong, he didn't make any trouble, but they did that anyway. Do we forgive the murderers, and how do we handle the pain?

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Thanks, Matthew for the words of encouragement. I feel that everyone is helping me to carry this heavy cross. I can hear God's loving voice through all of you who gave your time to give me all of this encouragement. May God continue to bless you as you use your talents to encourage people like me.
Hi Nenita, Lonnie here: a disciple of Jesus Christ promoting the Latter Rain Truth,

It's awesome to know that we have Father unlike many in the world, such as these cruel people in your experience, we can only think that the nephew will be retained in the book of life when his name comes up in the book of the dead and that he will be risen in the special resurrection with the Adventists that died in Christ, if he was an Adventist, or in the first res. if not Adventist.

As for the brutal people, if they aren't saved before they die or perhaps accept the mark of the beast when this takes place, they will have their reward and this will come up for them in the judgment. Father will avenge his blood should they reject Truth and burn in hell, we certainly don't want this to happen to them though, nor do we want to lack forgiveness and experience the same fate.

I like Matthew's statement, that sometimes it takes time to find yourself forgiving, but it is a necessity for peace and fulfillment when accepting lifes' troubles from people.

Sometimes Father takes people that are close to Him. I think of John the Babtist, we don't know if Zechariah or Elizabeth were alive when John was put in jail but to know that he was killed would have been quite disheartening and would have been painful to them. He fulfilled his commission though and it must have been that way for the nephew as his time had come. On the other hand, some people are removed because they are more of a problem to Father than He is willing to deal with, they have their reward as well. Better to rest and be with Christ than to live this evil earth having no hope.

There are stories in the Word that are quite astonishing to me, but we know that the evils of the Word are to show us how not to be and the righteousness of the Father is what we desire to walk in. I imagine you know of these stories that afflict ones' heart when reading them, then we see Father making it right through activity of justice, this might be what will happen here, someone is going to have to be brought to justice, that's okay, we hope they accept the mercy of Christ through the process of the repercussion.

For you, it's a matter of continuing on in the grace of Christ and walking in all the things that Father has planned for your life.

Peace and Blessings!
You are welcome, Sis. That's what brethren are for. I will pray for you and family. God will see you through. "This (pain) too shall pass".

Have a good week, inspite of this.


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