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Why do kids want to drink, take drugs, get pregnant, drive fast cars etc etc as if they want to be adults before they have finished being kids? Is it our fault? What can adults do..even in the encourage young people to stay kids while they are kids age?

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Dissatisfaction with one's situation, pride, less of Bible-with its simple life (fewer examples that talk it and live by it) and perceived backward style and more of tv/holywood and superstars and loud emphasis on worldly fun, .... then there is peer group pressure, etc.  Are adults to blame: at most. What can we do?  Back to basics (Pray, Bible & SOP read and practice) and leave the rest to their (kids) owner (God Himself).  God bless.

It is SOCIETY'S fault.  We live in a VERY fast paced society.  We are having children in the midst of it.  Parents are moving so fast trying to satisfy their own selfish desires.  They are mimicking what they see.  We also live in a society in which it is all about "!  forget what everybody else thinks or wants!"  and it is rather sad.  As a woman in her 40's i have seen things in this country decline sooooo much since the 70's when i was a little girl.  I also feel strongly that with the 70's liberation movement on all fronts from feminine to racial, it has brought a decline in our society.  Dont get me wrong - i dont wish it was still intolerant with open bold faced segregation and racism or mistreatment of women but with all the new "freedoms" has ushered in extreme wickedness.  Satan loves to take something beautiful and destroy it.  That thing saw how society has become more tolerant and decided to egg on the homosexual agenda.  it is very sad. People have become more tolerant of not only perverse and strange sexual activity but violence.  The stuff you see on Tv today, you would have never seen on TV even in the 80's.  It was religated to late night cable.  It is only gonna get worse.  So buckle up and stayed prayed up.

Be Blessed 

Not that habits are weaknesses. They are sicknesses! And they must be treated like sickness. A drinking kid is not bad. He is sick. A smoking man is not evil when he smokes too much. He is sick because he is drugged.

The best thing is to be a good role model for them. There is also prayer and be in their constant presence and believe in them. The element of trust got to be built and a bondage got to be here for the continuous link.

2 Timothy 3

King James Version (KJV)

This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.

For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy,

Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good,

Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God;

Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.



As we approach the second coming of Jesus, Satan will increase his temptations. Morality will rapidly decrease and this will have an effect on people in the world and in the church. Young people need to be pointed to Jesus and the importance of studying the scripture. Point them to Jesus, the vine as well as praying for them. 

very well said:)  its all about God's word.  There is an answer for every problem there. 

Great replies!

I agree with them all. Society has been allowing the push of selfishness and disrespect for so long and with such loyal and active adherents the agenda just moves forward with advancing rapidity.


Would that we, as God's people, the people of the BOOK, showed such heated activity for God's cause and mission.. For surely they are lit with a fire, allright! But is not ours SO much MORE??


Most never see it because selfishness, being already ingrained and impossible to be rid of under our own power, HAS been given this boost of the past few decades.. Making it highly UN appealing to turn to a God that would ask selfLESSness of us.. Eeewww!!!!


Nobody wants it..


Least of all the children who DO grow up watching nominalism and a lack of spiritual clairity from thier church family experience, and possibly home experience as well..

Of course I shouldnt have said "Nobody wants it"   Of course WE, here, want it!  But the world is not buying.. People who are down and out are buying..But not those alreasdy sold out to self to such an extent that one just doesnt even know what to do..


After all, God WILL be sending a STRONG delusion so that they may believe a lie.. We do not know when this happens and if its on an individual basis, or a certain time, anyway, I dont think.. ..But the point is that I sometimes worry for people who seem so set on thier own way that anger is the only response to spiritual entreaties.. As if they just refuse any attempt at trying to give them the gift of the knowledge of Jesus..


The times are tough and only getting tougher as Jay Jay pointed out.. And as Pamela said, Buckle up and stay prayered up!.. God IS our refuge AND our strength!!  A VERY PRESENT help in trouble!!

Sin has been a little grain of sand that has entered the machine making it infernal. There distance that it has created between us and our Heavenly Father is becoming a greater gap everyday.

It cannot be otherwise and we cannot expect to see them to be less, all we need to do is to pray and cope with them, as they also for sure do not like to be in this situation. 

I would like to add another point to this discussion what about adults who exploit the child and make them do adult work?

Sometimes there are parents who sit down and watch same movie as them.

Gradually, the kid has less time to play but more time to do illogic thing and wish to enter the adult world not gradually but rather soon as they start walking,

There is also adults who give the child more and ask them to buy cigaretes and alcoholic drinks etc. So I believe their childhood is being robbed and sometimes we need to look into our way of looking at them.

There are a couple of reasons that I think are the biggest problems.  One is that most kids are raising themselves.  With mom working (whether she is an only parent or because the parents want a better lifestyle), kids are in daycare.  In daycare, yes, they learn to make friends but it is also 5-8 kids to one adult.  That adult is too busy changing diapers, wiping noses, etc. to have much one on one time for the child.  Skip to the school years and after school care and latchkey kids.  Then teens left home alone to clean the house or cook supper or just play on the computer.  Kids and parents are scared to be outside because of kidnappings (which are actually fewer in number) or because it is boring.  Games like cowboys and indians are considered racist, most kids live in cities with only a tiny backyard.  Electronics are visually exciting compared to books.

But a few hundred years ago, kids married in their teens, started working and helping as adults.  They had responsibility and chores as young kids.  They learned to be responsible.  Some parents want to extend that childhood like one friend I have whose kids are in their 20s.  Mom cooks and cleans even if she is the one working, not them.  The son is in his mid 20s but he'd never take out the trash or mow unless asked and then complain.  The daughter is 20 and even though they are low, low income, mom thinks she shouldn't have to do work study in college or work during the summer.

So we have a generation raising themselves, believing that life is pleasure, not responsibility (plus who is going to teach them that), a generation that has their childhood into their 20s but their childhood is nothing like mine was.  They play at being adult like a 3 year old plays house.  Not really being adult with responsibility but doing the "fun" things of adulthood.

What can we do?  One is open our homes to the neighborhood kids.  Give them a place to meet, give them advice and snacks and love.  Take them with you when you go places whether it is on a picnic or to a grocery store.  Enjoy the fun stuff, when you buy groceries, discuss with them meal planning or how much it costs to raise a family.  Be a parent to them.  Be a parent to your own kids.  Teach them responsibility.  Teach them how to play.  That means getting down on the floor with the toddler, getting your own squirt gun.  My daughter just told me "Be a mom like you.  It makes you never want to grow up!" 

I have read several books (both Chrisian and Native American) and read many articles mainly on the subject of cultures.  One book I read lately talks about how Western societies have impacted aboriginal groups and clans.  And the aftermath is disasterous.  Mainly, as I see many have already mentiononed is that we (esp the young) need to be accepted, and sometimes they think they need to do it by behaviours that are not good for them or for us.  (sorry fo rmy spelling errors)

When you say. "Why do kids want to drink, take drugs, get pregnant, etc, etc, this is NOT the situation of kids    worldwide.  THIS IS NOT THE SITUATION OF ADVENTIST KIDS WORLDWIDE.  And since I do not come from the minority AFFLUENT kids, then this is not a PROPER AOL ISSUE. may I request that AOL delete this issue from the forum discussion.  (this is Lehcar's husband's reaction to this issue.)  My position is that forum topics should be applicable to the worldwide Adventist situations.


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