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There are individuals today that will take a figure that was on William Millers chart and they will use that figure as a means of saying if you do not believe in this number called the 2520, you are an apostate. There are certain individuals saying that. There are Adventists today that go around saying there is a 2520 prophecy. We have fallen away from the truth God has given us as a people. We were taught how to study the Bible. The Spirit of God leads us line upon line, precept upon precept but most people took a chart with a number on it and took an abstract quotation from the Spirit of Prophecy where Ellen White spoke highly of the chart and nothing should be altered on it but they DID NOT FINISH the statement. She said nothing should be altered on it accept by inspiration. In other words, if inspiration says something on this chart was wrong, then they have an authority to remove it. People forgot about that so they went around talking about a 2520 and allowing groups and camps to come together and it became an instrument that the devil used to create a segregation among the people of God. In a time where were 71 times in the Spirit of Prophecy we are told to press together, press together, press together, there are individuals trying to separate over something that doesn’t even exist. You say what do you mean? I will tell you exactly.
Leviticus 26If we faithfully studied Leviticus the 26th chapter which is where this so called 2520 prophecy came into existence ( , we would find there is no 2520 prophecy. That’s all we need to do but we didn’t do it that way, we failed. We began to listen to what other people were saying about a chart and an abstract quote. As a result we failed.
2520 or 2300Which one is longer? 2520 right? A child can understand that right? Why is it that if 2520 is the longest time prophecy then why does EGW say 2300 days is the longest time prophecy in the Bible?
There will always be false and fanatical movements made by persons in the church who claim to be led of God–those who will run before they are sent and will give day and date for the occurrence of unfulfilled prophecy. The enemy is pleased to have them do this, for their successive failures and leading into false lines cause confusion and unbelief.–2SM 84 (1897). {LDE 35.2}
No Time Prophecy Beyond 1844I plainly stated at the Jackson camp meeting to these fanatical parties that they were doing the work of the adversary of souls; they were in darkness. They claimed to have great light that probation would close in October, 1884. I there stated in public that the Lord had been pleased to show me that there would be no definite time in the message given of God since 1844.–2SM 73 (1885). {LDE 35.3}
Our position has been one of waiting and watching, with no time-proclamation to intervene between the close of the prophetic periods in 1844 and the time of our Lord’s coming.–10MR 270 (1888). {LDE 36.1}
The people will not have another message upon definite time. After this period of time [Revelation 10:4-6], reaching from 1842 to 1844, there can be no definite tracing of the prophetic time. The longest reckoning reaches to the autumn of 1844.–7BC 971 (1900). {LDE 36.2}
How simple is that? Are you saying that the prophet suddenly had a mathematical challenge in her mind? A child can understand 2520 is more than 2300 but the prophet of God under inspiration says the longest prophecy in the bible is the 2300 days. That should have settled it right there. But because individuals are holding onto ignorance God had to magnify it even further.
There are many precious truths contained in the Word of God, but it is “present truth” that the flock needs now. I have seen the danger of the messengers running off from the important points of present truth, to dwell upon subjects that are not calculated to unite the flock and sanctify the soul. {EW 63.1}
She then says in the next paragraph what present truth was.But such subjects as the sanctuary, in connection with the 2300 days, the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus, are perfectly calculated to explain the past Advent movement and show what our present position is, establish the faith of the doubting, and give certainty to the glorious future. These, I have frequently seen, were the principal subjects on which the messengers should dwell. {EW 63.2}
She says NOTHING about 2520 days! 2520 is veering off points of present truth. The sanctuary in connection with the 2300 days, the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus, these are perfectly calculated to unite the flock, sanctify the soul and show the glorious future of the advent movement. Nothing about 2520. If that is not enough, there was a 1843 chart. If someone says the prophet said in 1843 chart nothing should be altered. Therefore inspiration was saying nothing should be altered on the chart. If that were true, then do you know we have a prophet and a group of pioneers that violated the very command of God? You ought to know why.
1843, 1850, 1863In 1843 there was a chart by William Miller with 2520 on it. In 1850 there was another chart with the 2520 on it. But in 1863 there was another chart and guess what? No 2520 on it. There was no 2520 on the chart in 1863, neither the charts to come thereafter. No 2520. If that is not enough I leave the best for last. The pioneers came together. This is James White himself. James White the husband of the prophet. If you know Adventist history, there were certain things that James White taught that Ellen White didn’t agree with and Ellen White had to check them. She had to let him know, no this is not right, the Lord has shown me otherwise and she was being faithful in Ephesians 4:11-14 one of the functions of a prophet is to make sure that the brethren are not tossed to and fro by every wind of doctrine. However, they studied Leviticus 26 and said this;
So then, there is no prophetic period in Lev. xxvi; {January 26, 1864 JWe, ARSH 68.12}
How clear of this? We have hundreds possibly thousands who have allowed themselves to be broken away over something that doesn’t exist.
…and those who imagine that such a thing exists, and are puzzling themselves over the adjustment of its several dates, are simply beating the air. To ignore, or treat with neglect, a prophetic period where one is plainly given, is censurable in the extreme. It is an equally futile, though not so heinous, a course, to endeavor to create one where none exists. {January 26, 1864 JWe, ARSH 68.12}
2520 is not a real prophecy and yet we have individuals teaching this but not only teaching it and using it as a catalyst to begin to tell us that in 9/11 supposedly according to a reinterpretation of the trumpets that now in 9/11 supposedly this is when the loud cry started and they misunderstand Life Sketches page 411. They never connected it to Testimonies volume 7 page 141. They never did line upon line, the same Holy Spirit that inspired the writings of the bible is the same Holy Spirit that inspired the writings of Ellen White. Therefore the same method that the Holy Spirit uses to study the bible is the same method we should use to study the sop. When you study the sop you should study what? Line upon line. What they did is looked at LS page 411 and said look at that, tis talking about the towers going down and the lord will shake terribly the earth and then Revelation 18:1-3 shall come to pass. Therefore, 9/11 took place therefore revelation 18 must come to pass because God shook terribly the earth and therefore they began giving the loud and now they teach people the doctrine that the loud cry started at 9/11. They did not compare it to Testimonies Volume seven page 141 where the prophet of God makes it very clear that passing of the national Sunday law, then God will shake terribly the earth. They didn’t study line upon line. They are modern day Pharisees, individuals who are taking the words of God and claiming to be stickers for truth claiming to be followers of the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy but at the same time they are fading away from bible truth.

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The 2520 Cult Posted by mrloudcry on January 8, 2012 

"James White, The Review and Herald, JANUARY 26, 1864:

So then, there is no prophetic period in Lev. xxvi; and those who imagine that such a thing exists, and are puzzling themselves over the adjustment of its several dates, are simply beating the air.

Yesterday I was contacted, and asked to return to the “Old Paths.” Linked in the message was a website about Jeff Pippenger’s 2520 time prophecy theory, based on Leviticus 26.

I replied,

Your email encourages me to return to the “old paths.” A scholarly woman such as yourself surely can recognize this trail seems to have only been beaten down in the earth in the 19th century and later. For instance, Jeff Pippenger’s 2520 theory would seem to have originated in the last 150 years and has been developed by Pippenger and those  persuaded by his teachings, having no historical basis either among the Protestant reformers, or the early church history. So how this theory could be considered the “old paths” escapes me.

Seventh-day Adventism view of the atonement, originated in the mid-19th century. Your source material offers plenty of quotations dating back to this period, but nothing predating Adventism, nor from outside Adventism.  So I ask, how could Adventism’s theory of the Atonement be considered the “old paths?” Your appeal to return to the old path seems to go back no further than the 1840’s, and yet Christianity has much earlier roots than this.  By comparison, Adventism’s theory of the Atonement in retrospect ought to be considered—a new path. So it is I, that ought to be asking you, to return to the old paths.

My research would show that the gospel that Adventism’s Atonement theory has produced differs greatly from the gospel taught by the Protestant reformers, and that of the early church fathers, who believed in righteousness by faith alone—imputed righteousness. More importantly my research clearly demonstrates that the Seventh-day Adventist’s view of the atonement is a striking contradiction against the book of Hebrews, Romans and Galatians. These books are much older paths for Christianity than the writings of Ellen G. White!

The other week I was watching, a debate between Dr. Hugh Ross, and Dr. Kent Hovind on the John Ankerberg show. The topic was creation week—whether or not the days of creation were literal 24 hours of time, or millions or even billions of years. Dr. Hugh Ross argued that the days of creation were untold millions of years. Kent Hovind defended the historical understanding that the days of creation were literal 24 hours of time. Dr. Hugh Ross quoted a modern academic from Harvard University and offered modern data which he considered irrefutable proof.

Kent Hovind responded with something quite profound, “I believe the Bible is written in a language that every day common folk can understand. If you ask 5000 people to read Genesis 1, who have never so much as heard of the Bible before, who had no bias one way or the other, all 5000 of them would walk away with an understanding that God made the world in 6 literal 24 hour periods of time.”

Then Kent Hovind remarked, “Anytime we have a new interpretation that takes a specialist to explain to us what the Bible means, we find the workings of cultism.”

Sister, I could offer the same example:  If you ask 5000 people to read Hebrews, Romans, and Galatians, people who all had no bias one way or the other, none of them would walk away with Adventism view of the Atonement, not one! Furthermore if you asked 5000 people to read Leviticus 26, not one of them would view it as prophetic. It requires a specialist to explain to them all the dozens of “trouble texts” that conflict with the Adventist view of the Atonement. It further requires a expert to explain how Leviticus 26 is a prophecy. No one reading these writings would arrive at those conclusions otherwise.

This may be a testing message to be among your group. But as far as the Bible is concerned is not a testing message that determines whether or not one is saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ! Dear heart I plead with you to heed the words of scripture not to add to the prophecies of this book. God set the number of prophecies in the Bible, to add one more out of a chapter that does not explicitly tell us to do so is mere conjecture and speculation.To add to this presumption such bold claims that accepting your interpretations of Leviticus 26 will decide the fate of another persons salvation is extreme and borders on the fanatical, and I dare say heretical. Why heretical? Because the New Testament outlines what the requisites of salvation are. Leviticus 26 does not encroach  upon the basis of our salvation which is faith in Christ.

She replied with a most striking comment:

It is a testing message and we do not judge it – it judges us.


Let’s be clear about one thing. According to the Bible, Jesus Christ is the testing message!

He that believeth on him is not condemned: but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God.  John 3:18.

 Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that heareth my word, and believeth on him that sent me, hath everlasting life, and shall not come into Judgment; but is passed from death unto life.  John 5:24. (RV).

Whenever a group of men invent a new theory and then teach it is a salvational / testing message, then it ceases to be a mere theory of conscientious, but erring men, and becomes cultish.

The well known Christian Cult, the Jehovah’s Witnesses began on conjectures about the 2520 time prophecy. Read More

  • For the Jehovah’s Witnesses the 2520 time prophecy extends from 607 B.C. to 1914 A.D. The year 1914 is a sacred year among the Jehovah’s Witnesses.
  • For the Seventh-day Adventists who theorize about the 2520 time prophecy, it extends from 677 B.C. to 1844 A.D. The year 1844 is likewise a sacred year among the Seventh-day Adventists.

Both the Jehovah’s Witnesses and the Seventh-day Adventist who theorize about the 2520 time prophecy have made accepting their views on Leviticus 26 a salvational / or testing message. Orthodox / Mainstream / Evangelical Christianity believes this is a clear identifying mark of cultism.

What is the interesting thing about cults, is that their peculiar belief always becomes “a testing message” in other words a salvational issue. They alone teach it and believe in it, and in turn elevate it to being just as essential as Jesus in regards to their salvation. All others are judged by it, and condemned for not believing in it.

Catholics worship Mary.  Charismatics worship speaking-in-tongues.  Many false  televangelists worship money. The World’s Last Chance Cult worship’s their lunar-Sabbath theory. The 2520 Cult worships the 2520 time theory. By worship, we mean they make it the center of their religion and it becomes the main focus of their teaching.It does not matter what the teaching is, they get hung up on it, and it becomes the center of their religion and teachings.

Biblical Christianity on the other hand has its focus on Jesus Christ, and its religion is salvation provided through the death burial and resurrection of the Son of God. We are not saved by Mary, by tongues, through giving money to televangelists or by keeping lunar Sabbaths every 8 or 9 days. Neither is our salvation hindering on whether we accept Leviticus 26 as a prophecy. All of these beliefs are marks of cultism.

The 2520 time theory really is an internal matter for Jehovah’s Witnesses and Seventh-day Adventists to iron out. No other church—Christian or Cult teaches Leviticus 26 is a prophecy. This is peculiar to the Jehovah’s Witnesses and Seventh-day Adventists.

I recognize that those involved in the 2520 Cult will not accept anything I have to say about this theory. So I thought it best to quote from sources they ought to regard with a measure of respect, James White, “So then, there is no prophetic period in Lev. xxvi; and those who imagine that such a thing exists, and are puzzling themselves over the adjustment of its several dates, are simply beating the air.

Read the article below:

The Review and Herald

“Sanctify them through thy truth: thy word is truth.”

The Seven Times of Lev. xxvi

The prophetic period of Lev. xxvi, or what has been supposed to be such, has been no small object of study among prophetical expositors. It has been supposed that the expression, “seven times,” in verses 18, 21, 24, 28, denoted a prophetic period of 2520 years, and that this period covered the time during which the throne of Israel should be and remain subverted and trodden down by oppressing powers. To rightly fix the commencement and termination of this period, became therefore a matter of consequence. Where does it commence? and where does it end? have been questions of much study, and perhaps some perplexity.
These are not the questions, however, that we propose here to discuss; for there is a question lying back of these, which demands to be answered first; namely, Is there any prophetic period brought to view at all in Lev. xxvi? We claim that there is not, and will offer a few of what are to us very conclusive reasons for this position:
  1. A series of judgments is threatened against Israel, in case they hearkened not unto God to do his commandments, before the expression, seven times, is introduced. Verses 14-17. In these judgments is included being slain before their enemies, being reigned over by those that hated them, and fleeing when none pursued them. Now if the seven times were meant to cover the period of God’s special judgments against Israel, especially of their captivity by foreign powers, these seven times should have been mentioned in connection with the first threatening of judgments of this kind. But this, as we have seen, is not the case.
  2. After the threatening of these judgments, God says, verse 18, “And if ye will not for all this hearken unto me, then I will punish you seven times more for your sins.” Then follows an enumeration of the judgments to come upon them in fulfillment of this, different from the items of the first threatening, and increasing in severity.
  3. If they would not for this hearken, seven times more plagues were threatened against them, “according to their sins.” Verse 21. Then again follows an enumeration of judgments to correspond, more severe still than any preceding.
  4. If they would not be reformed by these things, God threatened to punish them seven times more for their sins. Verse 24. And in like manner with the foregoing, an enumeration of the judgments to be inflicted in fulfillment, immediately follows, more fearful still.
  5. And if they would not hearken to God for all these things, he makes a final threat that would walk contrary to them in fury, and chastise them seven times for their sins. Verse 28. And an enumeration of the judgments to be inflicted, again immediately follows, outdoing all before, in their terrible severity. Included among them were the eating of the flesh of their sons and daughters, making waste their cities, bringing the land into such desolation that their enemies should be astonished at it, scattering them among all nations, and drawing out a sword after them in all the lands of their dispersion. With fearful minuteness all this has been fulfilled, even to the eating the flesh of their own children, as in the terrible sieges that preceded the downfall of Jerusalem.
Thus we have, first, a series of judgments threatened against Israel, without the expression, seven times, and then the declaration four times made, that God would punish them seven times for their sins, each one on condition that the former did not lead to repentance, and each one containing its own specific enumeration of judgments, distinct from those that preceded, and regularly increasing in the severity of then denunciations. Now what is meant by this repeated expression of seven times? We reply, It denotes, not the duration of the punishment, but its intensity and severity. It is well expressed in the language of verse 21, thus: “I will bring seven times more plagues upon you according to your sins.” The number seven denoting perfection, we are undoubtedly to understand by this expression, the fullness of their punishment; that the measure of their national sins, would in every case be fully equaled by the measure of their national calamities. And this position is fully sustained by the original, as a brief criticism will show.
In references to the Hebrew, we learn from the Hebrew Concordance that the expression, seven times, in Lev. xxvi, comes from sheh-vag; and this word is expressly set down by Gesenius, in those texts, as an adverb, also in Ps. cxix, 164; Prov. xxiv, 16. In Dan. iv, 16, 25, the expression, seven times, twice occurs, where beyond question it means duration. Nebuchadnezzar was to be driven from men, and make his dwelling with the beasts of the field, until seven times should pass over him. There can be no mistaking that here the expression means a certain space of time; but here we find, not the adverb as in Lev. xxvi, but the noun, gid-dahn, defined by Gesenius, “Time, in prophetic language, for a year.” In Dan. vii, 25, where a prophetic period is brought to view in the expression, “a time and times and the dividing of time,” the same word is used. In Dan. xii, 7, where the same period is again brought to view, and in about the same language, we have another word, moh-gehd, defined by Gesenius, “Appointment of time. Spoken of a space of time, appointed and definite. In the prophetic style for a year.” It will be seen by this definition, that this word is synonymous with the one used in Dan. vii, 25, as above referred to. Now if a period of time is meant by the expression, seven times, in Lev. xxvi, one of these words should and would most assuredly have been used. And the fact that neither of these words is there used, but another word, and that an adverb, places it beyond question that no such period is there intended.
The Greek is equally definite. The Septuagint has in Lev. xxvi, heptakis, which is an adverb, signifying seven times. In Dan. iv, 16, 25, for Nebuchadnezzar’s seven times we have not heptakis, the adverb, but heptakairoi, a noun and its adjective. And in all cases where the word time occurs, denoting a prophetic period, as in Dan. vii, 25; xii, 7; Rev. xii, 14, it is from the noun kairos. Such a thing as a prophetic period based on an adverb is not to be found.
So then, there is no prophetic period in Lev. xxvi; and those who imagine that such a thing exists, and are puzzling themselves over the adjustment of its several dates, are simply beating the air. To ignore, or treat with neglect, a prophetic period where one is plainly given, is censurable in the extreme. It is an equally futile, though not so heinous, a course, to endeavor to create one where none exists.


The 2520
By Steve Wohlberg

[Oct. 2011] The “2520” is being discussed in my home church. After reading arguments on both sides of the controversy, here are my (present) views. Note: This paper was not written for the general public, but only for those already familiar with the topic.

First, those who support the 2520 conclude:

1.     It is a divine prophecy embedded in Leviticus 26

2.     Leviticus 26:18 says that if Israel disobeyed God, He would punish her “seven times” for her sins. Those “seven times” should be interpreted as “seven years,” or 2520 days (based on a 360-day Hebrew calendar year), and then, based on the day-for-a-year principle, viewed as 2520 prophetic years.

3.     The 2520 began in 677 BC (William Miller’s view, when King Manasseh of Judah was taken to Babylon), and ended in 1844.

4.     The 2520 “prophecy” is a “second witness” to the 2300-year prophecy because both end in 1844. This “second witness” is necessary to maintain the integrity of the 2300-year prophecy because “out of the mouth of two or three witnesses shall every word be established” (2 Cor. 13:1).

5.     Adventists have lost sight of the 2520 and should start teaching it again.

Some of the main arguments used to support the above conclusions are:

1.     Ellen White wrote that God led William Miller in his studies in the early 1800s.

2.     William Miller believed in the 2520 prophecy based on his study of Leviticus 26.

3.     Ellen White wrote that God led in the publication of the 1843 and 1850 Millerite charts, and both charts contained the 2520 prophecy (based on Miller’s views).

4.     Ellen White also stated that those charts fulfilled Habakkuk 2:1-4.

After reading arguments on both sides of this controversy, here is my (present) position:

1.     I have read Leviticus 26 many times in the last month or so and my honest evaluation is that the chapter itself does not easily support the teaching that “seven times” represent “seven years,” or 2520 days, or 2520 years. Four times (verses 18,21,24,28) God says that He will punish Israel “seven times” for her sins if she disobeys Him. The wording implies that these will be four separate, sequential “seven times,” each falling with increasing severity if the preceding punishment fails to produce repentance. Additionally, the original Hebrew word translated “seven times” (sheba) is an adverb (indicating intensity), not a noun (indicating duration). Thus the proper translation of the word “sheba” in Leviticus 26 should be “sevenfold,” not “seven times” representing “seven years.”

2.     Numbers 14:34 is the first time the day-for-a-year principle is mentioned in the Bible. But in Leviticus 26, it isn’t mentioned, or even hinted at.

3.     The book of Judges reveals that many of the curses listed in Leviticus 26 had already started falling on Israel long before 677 BC.

4.     The 70-week/2300-day prophecy begins with a clear and easily recognizable “command to restore and to build Jerusalem” (Dan. 9:25). Leviticus 26 contains no such clear starting point for a supposed 2520 prophecy.

5.     Leviticus 26 is also filled with conditional “if…then” statements (see verses 3,4,23,24,27,28,40,42). “If” Israel obeys, blessings come. “If” not, curses will follow. Thus free will is involved. This strongly suggests that God’s “I will punish you seven times” warning cannot be a day-for-a-year prophetic timeline with clear starting and ending dates. By contrast, the 70-week/2300-day timeline is unconditional, with easily identifiable starting and ending points.

6.     In Babylon, Daniel realized that Israel’s prophesied 70-year captivity was soon to end (Dan. 9:2). His prayer (verses 3-19) recognized that the curses recorded “in the law of Moses” (verse 13) had overtaken Israel, yet he hoped they would end soon and that Israel would be restored (verse 17). Such hope would be impossible if Daniel thought the Lev. 26 curses would continue for 2520 years! During the rule of Persia, the curses were reversed, Israel returned home, and once again God placed His “tabernacle” (see Lev. 26:11) among them. Now blessings had come.

7.     When the next prophecy “chart” was published in 1863 (the year the SDA church was organized), the 2520 was left out. From 1863 until today the Adventist Church has never officially recognized the 2520 as a real prophecy at all.

8.     One reason for this is because James White rejected the 2520. In a January 26, 1864 Review article he stated that the “2520” theory was unbiblical. Uriah Smith, in the Appendix of his book, Daniel and the Revelation, pps 784-785, agreed with James. Both believed the adverb “sheba” meant intensity, not duration, that the 2520-prophecy lacked biblical support, and that Adventists shouldn’t preach it.

9.     In The Great Controversy, chapters 18-24, Ellen White wrote in great detail about the life of William Miller, about how he discovered the 2300-day prophecy, and about the history of the Advent Movement, and yet she never mentions the 2520 even once. If such a prophecy did exist and was significant, then why didn’t she mention it in her most important work when discussing the Millerites? Not only that, but during her entire 70-year ministry she never mentioned it anywhere.

10.  I have seen no convincing proof that the 2300-year prophetic timeline must have a “second witness” to validate it, or that this witness must be the 2520. The original “out of the mouth of two or three witnesses” statement applied to civil court cases (see Duet. 17:9), not prophetic timelines. Other biblical applications don’t apply it to prophetic timelines either (see John 8:17; Matt. 18:16; 2 Cor. 13:1). But even if the 2300-year prophecy should require a “second witness” to its validity, it seems to me that Revelation 10 and 14, plus the existence of Adventist Church itself (which grew out of 2300-day prophecy), would more than suffice. Then there are the 1260, 1290 and 1335 time periods (Daniel 12:7,11,12), which, when linked together, also point to 1844, providing even more support. The fact is that from 1863 until today, Adventist evangelists haven’t needed the 2520 to validate either the 2300-year prophecy, or the Adventist movement in general.

2520 proponents may still argue: “But Ellen White said that angels guided William Miller. Miller believed the 2520. The 2520 prophecy is on the first two charts. Ellen White endorsed both charts, plus she said the Millerite charts fulfilled the prophecy of Habakkuk 2:1-4. Therefore the 2520 must be an important prophecy from God!”

This chain of arguments sounds good, but the biggest problem I see is that its final conclusion(that the 2520 prophecy must come from God) lacks even one clear “Thus saith the Lord” to support it. Such reasoning also neglects the core issue that Lev. 26: 18,21,24,28 doesn’t really support the 2520 in the first place. “There is no prophetic period in Lev. xxvi,” wrote James White in the Review, and trying to “imagine that such a thing exists” is “beating the air.” Uriah Smith agreed. Yes, Ellen White wrote that angels guided William Miller, and that God’s hand was on the Millerite charts, but she also wrote that angels of God guided James White and had “oversight” of the Review.

I saw that the papers [R & H] would go and that it would be the means of bringing souls to a knowledge of the truth. I saw that James had not borne the burden alone, but that the angels of God had assisted and had oversight of the paper.  8 MR, 221

Additionally, concerning the Millerite charts being a fulfillment of Habakkuk 2:1-4, notice carefully what Ellen White actually wrote in The Great Controversy:

As early as 1842 the direction given in this prophecy to "write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it," had suggested to Charles Fitch the preparation of a prophetic chart to illustrate the visions of Daniel and the Revelation. The publication of this chart was regarded as a fulfillment of the command given by Habakkuk. GC, 392

Look carefully. Habakkuk 2:2 says, “write the vision, and make it plain upon tables,” and Ellen White clarified that the main purpose of the “prophetic chart” was “to illustrate the visions of Daniel and the Revelation.” The 2300-day prophecy is part of a “vision” given by God (see Dan. 8:1,2,17) which qualifies it to be a fulfillment of Hab. 2:1-4. But there is no “vision” in Leviticus 26All of this suggests that Ellen White’s support of William Miller, the early charts, and even the “figures” on the charts, primarily concerned the 2300-day “vision,” not the 2520. And in her explanation in The Great Controversy of these details, this is what she focused on without mentioning the 2520 even once.

The Adventist Church’s biblical mission is to proclaim Heaven’s “sure word of prophecy” (2 Pet. 1:19) and the Three Angel’s Messages to the world (Rev. 14:6-12). To do this effectively, our facts must be solid. Yes, God led the Millerites, but then in 1844 He also began giving direct guidance to Ellen White whose counsel always pointed back to the Bible; and in her 70 years of public ministry, she never specifically mentioned the 2520 even once. It’s obvious that Adventism as a whole no longer believes the 2520, and it seems to me that there are two possible reasons for this: 1) the 2520 was lost sight of due to an Adventist failure, or 2) advancing light and careful Bible study led Adventist leaders to realize that the 2520 was a really an unbiblical, unnecessary, and unfortunate distraction away from our core biblical message. Presently, I favor the latter, and hate to see people divided over this issue. One thing’s for sure: “Preach the Word” (2 Tim. 4:2) is our mandate.

Obviously there are people for an against this prophecy...both sides have their is ok to agree to disagree....

Ali my friend

I have spoke with Dwayne Lemon personally face to face over this, and I am telling you he is wrong. How can I tell you that? Because I have spent hours going through these things piece by piece, and when these people are confronted with answers they cannot reply to they get all angry, and go on the attack.

You yourself are complaining because I rebuked you after promulgating division against other members of the church, yet here you are again using other peoples information on a subject I fear you know very little about.

But I am open to be corrected on that, maybe you could tell myself in your own words why you think it is not correct, then maybe through some prayerful dialogue, we might both learn something amen?

I look forward to hearing from you.

Brother Mark

Really my friend? I'll ask you just one question, it's a very simple one, let's see if you can give a straight and honest answer.

I saw the people of God joyful in expectation, looking for their Lord. But God designed to prove them. His hand covered a mistake in the reckoning of the prophetic periods. Those who were looking for their Lord did not discover this mistake, and the most learned men who opposed the time also failed to see it. God designed that His people should meet with a disappointment. The time passed, and those who had looked with joyful expectation for their Saviour were sad and disheartened, while those who had not loved the appearing of Jesus, but embraced the message through fear, were pleased that He did not come at the time of expectation. Their profession had not affected the heart and purified the life. The passing of the time was well calculated to reveal such hearts. They were the first to turn and ridicule the sorrowful, disappointed ones who really loved the appearing of their Saviour. I saw the wisdom of God in proving His people and giving them a searching test to discover those who would shrink and turn back in the hour of trial. {EW 235.3}
Jesus and all the heavenly host looked with sympathy and love upon those who had with sweet expectation longed to see Him whom their souls loved. Angels were hovering around them, to sustain them in the hour of their trial. Those who had neglected to receive the heavenly message were left in darkness, and God's anger was kindled against them, because they would not receive the light which He had sent them from heaven. Those faithful, disappointed ones, who could not understand why their Lord did not come, were not left in darkness. Again they were led to their Bibles to search the prophetic periods. The hand of the Lord was removed from the figures, and the mistake was explained. They saw that the prophetic periods reached to 1844, and that the same evidence which they had presented to show that the prophetic periods closed in 1843, proved that they would terminate in 1844. Light from the Word of God shone upon their position, and they discovered a tarrying time--"Though it [the vision] tarry, wait for it." In their love for Christ's immediate coming, they had overlooked the tarrying of the vision, which was calculated to manifest the true waiting ones. Again they had a point of time. Yet I saw that many of them could not rise above their severe disappointment to possess that degree of zeal and energy which had marked their faith in 1843. {EW 236.1}

What were the prophetic periods that pointed to 1844? It's a very simple question, could you please give an answer based upon scripture?

I see you love to speak confidently, even though you didn't answer my question.

I think you'll find it is you who is deceived my friend. William Miller did not use Greek and Hebrew to understand the bible, he used the proof text method, and who do you think gave him that method of study?

I saw that God sent his angel to move upon the heart of a farmer who had not believed the Bible, and led him to search the prophecies. Angels of God repeatedly visited that chosen one, and guided his mind, and opened his understanding to prophecies which had ever been dark to God's people. The commencement of the chain of truth was given him, and he was led on to search for link after link, until he looked with wonder and admiration upon the word of God. He saw there a perfect chain of truth. That Word which he had regarded as uninspired, now opened before his vision with beauty and glory. He saw that one portion of scripture explained another, and when one portion was closed to his understanding, he found in another portion of the Word that which explained it. He regarded the sacred word of God with joy, and with the deepest respect and awe. {1SG 128.1}
As he followed down the prophecies, he saw that the inhabitants of earth were living in the closing scenes of this world's history, and they knew it not. He looked at the corruptions of the churches, and saw that their love was taken from Jesus, and placed on the world, and that they were seeking for worldly honor instead of that honor which cometh from above; ambitious for worldly riches, instead of laying up their treasure in heaven. Hypocrisy, darkness and death he could see every where. His spirit was stirred within him. God called him to leave his farm, as Elisha was called to leave his oxen and the field of his labor to follow Elijah. With trembling, William Miller began to unfold the mysteries of the kingdom of God to the people. He gained strength with every effort. He carried the people down through the prophecies to the second advent of Christ. As John the Baptist heralded the first advent of Jesus, and prepared the way for his coming, so also, Wm. Miller and those who joined him, proclaimed the second advent of the Son of God. {1SG 129.1}

Those who are engaged in proclaiming the third angel's message are searching the Scriptures upon the same plan that Father Miller adopted. In the little book entitled "Views of the Prophecies and Prophetic Chronology," Father Miller gives the following simple but intelligent and important rules for Bible study and interpretation:--  {RH, November 25, 1884 par. 23}  

Gabriel the Angel guided Millers mind, and God's prophet tells us that we are to use his methods of study. Yet you say that you know better, you say it is about the Hebrew!

Pro 1:7 The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction.

So now you are saying what he was guided to believe, but that is not what William Miller tells us.

From a farther study of the Scriptures, I concluded that the seven times of Gentile supremacy must commence when the Jews ceased to be an independent nation at the captivity of Manasseh, which the best chronologers assigned to B. C. 677; that the 2300 days commenced with the seventy weeks, which the best chronologers dated from B. C. 457; and that the 1335 days commencing with the taking away of the daily, and the setting up of the abomination that maketh desolate, Dan.xii.11, were to be dated from the setting up of the Papal supremacy, after the taking away of Pagan abominations, and which, according to the best historians I could consult, should be dated from about A. D. 508. Reckoning all these prophetic periods from the several dates assigned by the best chronologers for the events from which they should evidently be reckoned, they all would terminate together, about A. D. 1843. I was thus brought, in 1818, at the close of my two years study of the Scriptures, to the solemn conclusion, that in about twenty-five years from that time all the affairs of our present state would be wound up; that all its pride & power, pomp and vanity, wickedness and oppression would come to an end; and that in the place of the kingdoms of this world, the peaceful and long desired kingdom of the Messiah would be established under the whole heaven: that in about twenty-five years the glory of the Lord would be revealed, and all flesh see it together, the desert bud and blossom as the rose, the fir-tree come up instead of the thorn, and instead of the briar the myrtle-tree, the curse be removed from off the earth, death be destroyed, reward be given to the servants of God - the prophets and saints and them who fear his name, and those be destroyed that destroy the earth. {1845 WiM, WMAD 11.2}

He himself gives the reckoning of the PROPHETIC PERIODS, showing the 3 prophecies that pointed to 1843 on the chart. The 2520, the 2300, and the 1335.

After the first disappointment, the same evidence that showed that the PROPHETIC PERIODS pointed to 1843, proved that they pointed to 1844.

Those PROPHETIC PERIODS are the 2520 and 2300, confirmed by the 1850 Chart.

But now to try to advocate your rejection of the SOP, you are saying that James White was inspired?? Have mercy!

James White was used by God, but that does not make him inspired in the sense you are trying to advocate, his wife was the prophet, not him, he changed his mind, he was faulty.

Read this quote by James White in regards to the 1843 Chart, and then tell me if you wish to say that he was inspired, because if so you are contradicting your very self.

And I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven, having the everlasting gospel to preach unto them that dwell on the earth, and to every nation, and kindred, and tongue, and people, saying with a loud voice, Fear God, and give glory to him; for the hour of his judgement is come: and worship him that made heaven, and earth, and the sea, and the fountains of waters." Rev.14:6,7. This angel's message represents the last mission of mercy to the world; and it has been fulfilled. The original apostolic message was - "But now commandeth all men every where to repent, because he that appointed a day in the which he will judge the world in righteousness." Acts 17:30,31. But the last message to the world was - "Repent for the hour [time] of his judgement is come." Time was connected with that message, and that time was 1843. God said by the prophet, "Write the vision and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it." - Hab.2:2. The whole advent host once believed that publishing the visions of Daniel and John on the chart, from which the swift messengers lectured in 1842 and 1843, was a fulfillment of this prophecy; and the unbelief of those who doubt now, does not prove that we were all mistaken then. The passing of the time, and the perpetual backsliding and unbelief of Adventists has not changed this truth of God into a lie; but it remains truth still. You who participated in this first angel's message, and felt its power and glory, and saw its effects on the people, just go back with me to the camp-meetings, conferences, and other meetings where the time, 1843, was proclaimed from the chart. With what solemnity, zeal and holy confidence the servants of the Lord proclaimed the time. And O, how their words fell upon the people, melting the hardest sinner's heart; for God was with them, and his Spirit attended the solemn message. The most spiritual and devoted in all the churches caught the flame and many who had been trained to worship their church and their minister, here learned to "fear God" alone, and "give glory to him." This message weaned us from this world, and led us to the feet of Jesus, to seek forgiveness of all our sins, and a free and full salvation through the blood of Christ. Dear Brethren, Was this message "from heaven or from men?" I know your answer - "from heaven," Amen. We then "tasted of the good word of God, and the powers of the world to come," and we can not, will not, dare not give it up, and call it a "mistake," the "work of man," "mesmerism," and "of the Devil," as many have done, and have fallen away. "It is impossible" "to renew" such "to repentance; seeing they crucify to themselves the Son of God afresh, and put him to an open shame." See Heb.6:4-6. {1850 JW, TTAM 2.1}

Yet James White truly did turn away.

What does the PROPHET say?

On our return to Brother Nichol's, the Lord gave me a vision and showed me that the truth must be made plain upon tables, and it would cause many to decide for the truth by the third angel's message with the two former being made plain upon tables. {5MR 203.1} 

I don't mind talking about the 2520, although there are many many other truths worth talking about that God is opening up in His word. It is not myself that is hung up about the 2520, I believe it to be true, and love to share it with others, yet it seems that it is doing exactly what God said it would do, and that is divide His people into 2 classes of worshipers, the wheat and the tares.

You feel free to believe what you want my friend, but I fear it will come upon your senses too late as to what you are rejecting.

I have a question for you to think about.

During the evening and morning sacrifice, the Priest would sacrifice a lamb for the whole congregation,  he would take the blood into the Holy Place, and sprinkle it 7 times on the veil, and he would do this every morning and every evening for a year for the sins of Israel.

How many days in a Jewish year? = 360!

So throughout the year the priest would sprinkle the lambs blood, a symbol of Christ's blood for us 2520 times in the morning, and 2520 times in the evening, leading up to the day of atonement.

It has way more significance than you think.

Jim my brother

I am not going to chastise you, it seems to me you have made up your mind already without my help.

What I will say is you are asking pretty silly questions. For instance, you say the apostles nor the reformers mention the 2520. So on that basis, could please show me where the apostles or the reformers show the 2300, the 1290, the 1335 etc? According to your theology, because they don't mention them they cannot be valid??

As for William Miller being a false prophet, I think you are on very shaky ground, and I can tell that you have not studied our prophetic history.

William Miller proclaimed the truth as God gave him up until the second disappointment of 1844. At that point his work was finished, and at that point he started to veer from the truth, but before 1844 for you to say he was a false prophet is bearing false witness against God's messenger.

When the time passed at which the Lord's coming was  first expected,—in the spring of 1844,—those who had looked in faith for his appearing were for a season involved in doubt and uncertainty. While the world regarded them as having been utterly defeated, and proved to have been cherishing a delusion, their source of consolation was still the Word of God. Many continued to search the Scriptures,  examining anew the evidences of their faith, and carefully studying the prophecies to obtain further light. The Bible testimony in support of their position seemed clear and  conclusive. Signs which could not be mistaken pointed to the  coming of Christ as near. The special blessing of the Lord, both in the conversion of sinners and the revival of spiritual life among Christians, had testified that the message was of Heaven. And though the believers could not explain their  disappointment, they felt assured that God had led them in their past experience.  {GC88 391.1} 

William Miller never gave a day for Christ coming, he always stated that Christ would come sometime in the year 1843. After the first disappointment, it was Samuel Snow that set the date for Oct 22 1844.

Samuel Shefield Snow (1806-1890). Infidel turned Advent preacher. Prior to 1839 Snow was in his own words "a callous and hardened Infidel." He read a book by William Miller in 1839 and was convicted of the truth of the advent prophecy and of Scripture as God's word. He for a time joined the Congregational Church, but withdrew to devote himself to the advent message. After studying the prophetic calculations, in early 1844 before the spring date the Advent believers were looking toward, he presented arguments that the prophetic date actually pointed to the fall of the year. He used the Kara`ite calendar to come up with October 22. This became the beginning of the "seventh month movement" that galvanized Millerite Adventism in August, 1844, beginning at the Millerite camp meeting at Exeter, New Hampshire. He published his views in The True Midnight Cry.

Miller was one of the last to accept this date.

The initial expectation of the Advent believers was disappointed when the spring of 1844 passed without Christ's return. The seventh-month movement the following summer revived expectation with a focus on October 22 of that year. Miller accepted the validity of that date shortly before it came. But with this "passing of the time" the faith of all was sorely tested. Miller responded, "Although I have been twice disappointed, I am not yet cast down or discouraged. Although surrounded with enemies and scoffers, yet my mind is perfectly calm, and my hope in the coming of Christ is as strong as ever" (Letter, November 10, 1844 [Herald of the Midnight Cry, 107]). He never accepted the sanctuary or Sabbath messages. After losing his sight in 1848, he passed away near the end of 1849, still looking for Christ's coming. Ellen White wrote of him in 1858 that "angels watch the precious dust of this servant of God, and he will come forth at the sound of the last trump" (EW 258.2).

Ellen White tells us that he is a saved man, and that God allowed him to go to sleep to prevent others from continuing to deceive him.

My attention was then called to William Miller. He looked perplexed and was bowed with anxiety and distress for his people. The company who had been united and loving in 1844 were losing their love, opposing one another, and falling into a cold, backslidden state. As he beheld this, grief wasted his strength. I saw leading men watching him, and fearing lest he should receive the third angel's message and the commandments of God. And as he would lean toward the light from heaven, these men would lay some plan to draw his mind away. A human influence was exerted to keep him in darkness and to retain his influence among those who opposed the truth. At length William Miller raised his voice against the light from heaven. He failed in not receiving the message which would have fully explained his disappointment and cast a light and glory on the past, which would have revived his exhausted energies, brightened his hope, and led him to glorify God. He leaned to human wisdom instead of divine, but being broken with arduous labor in his Master's cause and by age, he was not as accountable as those who kept him from the truth. They are responsible; the sin rests upon them.  {EW 257.1} 

 If William Miller could have seen the light of the third message, many things which looked dark and mysterious to him would have been explained. But his brethren professed so deep love and interest for him, that he thought he could not tear away from them. His heart would incline toward the truth, and then he looked at his brethren; they opposed it. Could he tear away from those who had stood side by side with him in proclaiming the coming of Jesus? He thought they surely would not lead him astray.  {EW 258.1} 

God suffered him to fall under the power of Satan, the dominion of death, and hid him in the grave from those who were constantly drawing him from the truth. Moses erred as he was about to enter the Promised Land. So also, I saw that William Miller erred as he was soon to enter the heavenly Canaan, in suffering his influence to go against the truth. Others led him to this; others must account for it. But angels watch the precious dust of this servant of God, and he will come forth at the sound of the last trump. {EW 258.2}

The truth that he was being kept from was that Christ entered into the Most Holy Place on Oct 22 1844, and also the truth about the sabbath, but up until that point he had proclaimed the message faithfully, and that included the 2520 which was still on the 1850 chart after the mistake was removed.

You can say what you like against me my friend, I have come to expect this sort of thing from so called Christians, which Christ told us would happen, but be careful what you say about God's messenger, lest you be found to be fighting against God Himself.

What you highlighted is the Truth when she says:

"The whole advent host once believed that publishing the visions of Daniel and John on the chart, from which the swift messengers lectured in 1842 and 1843, was a fulfillment of this prophecy; and the unbelief of those who doubt now, does not prove that we were all mistaken then. The passing of the time, and the perpetual backsliding and unbelief of Adventists has not changed this truth of God into a lie; but it remains truth still"

She spoke of the visions of DANIEL and JOHN.  There is no day/year prophecy in Leviticus 26.  She NEVER says anything about it being so and neither does the Bible.  If you would be honest with your study and others you are trying to convince of this error, that by the way to fully understand it takes months, you would see Lev 26 starting in verse 14, it says if they did not listen he would punish them,and in verse 18 it says if they still would not listen, he would punish them 7 times over and repeats this threat 3 more times.  He listed more an more things that would lead them to further punishments.  It was not, if you do this, you get 2520 years of punishments then if you still do not listen, you will get 2520 years more punishments and if you do not listen, 2520 years more punishments and finally if you still do not listen, you will get a final 2520 more years of punishments. 

You also quoted "From a farther study of the Scriptures, I concluded that the seven times of Gentile supremacy must commence when the Jews ceased to be an independent nation at the captivity of Manasseh".  It says he studied and HE CONCLUDED that 2520 was a prophecy.  He was wrong.

2520 according to Miller had NOTHING to do with the atonement so why go there?  You false teachers try to make everything point to 2520.  Miller never knew this teaching was error but I believe God allowed it to go forward for such a time as this so that those who would stand on the Lord's side would see from studying the scriptures that there is no time prophecy in Leviticus.

Mark, please don't spread the lies you believe here.  This site is for people to uphold the Truth.  The 2520 has been found to be at fault by our pioneers SEVENTH DAY ADVENTISTS...... the 1863 shows it and Ellen White endorsed it by handing it out and said that all should have it.  Let me tell you and others why this 2520 is also error.  Ellen White said:

"Truth is straight, plain, clear, and stands out boldly in its own defense; but it is not so with error. It is so winding and twisting that it needs a multitude of words to explain it in its crooked form.

Ah, now we can see your true nature, telling other brothers and sisters what and what not to believe, deciding what is and what is not truth.

Don't you know that is the spirit of antichrist?

Jesus did not come to the earth as the waiting, joyful company expected, to cleanse the sanctuary by purifying the earth by fire. I saw that they were correct in their reckoning of the prophetic periods; prophetic time closed in 1844, and Jesus entered the most holy place to cleanse the sanctuary at the ending of the days. Their mistake consisted in not understanding what the sanctuary was and the nature of its cleansing. As I looked again at the waiting, disappointed company, they appeared sad. They carefully examined the evidences of their faith and followed down through the reckoning of the prophetic periods, but could discover no mistake. The time had been fulfilled, but where was their Saviour? They had lost Him. {EW 243.2}

The prophet tells us there was no mistake in the prophetic periods, yet you say it's all false. Who am I to believe? You??

The prophet, that is the person who speaks on behalf of God, a God who does not change, whom is no variableness, tells us that the 2520 was truth in 1843, and is still truth today!

Our next conference was in Fairhaven. Brother Bates and wife were present. It was quite a good meeting. On our return to Brother Nichols', the Lord gave me a vision and showed me that the “TRUTH” must be made plain upon tables, and it would cause many to decide for the truth by the three angels' messages, with the two former being made plain upon tables.  {16MR 207.1} 

I saw that God was in the publishment of the chart by Brother Nichols. I saw that there was a prophecy of this chart in the Bible, and if this chart is designed for God’s people, if it [is] sufficient for one it is for another, and if one needed a new chart painted on a larger scale, all need it just as much. {13MR 359.1}

My God, who does not lie, nor change His mind published a Chart in 1850 which the prophet tells us is TRUTH, and on that chart is the 2520. Yet YOU say it is lies.

So YOU my friend are calling God a liar, whereas I am choosing to stand on the truth.

The special light given to John which was expressed in the seven thunders was a delineation of events which would transpire under the first and second angels' messages. It was not best for the people to know these things, for their faith must necessarily be tested. In the order of God most wonderful and advanced truths would be proclaimed. The first and second angels' messages were to be proclaimed, but no further light was to be revealed before these messages had done their specific work. This is represented by the Angel standing with one foot on the sea, proclaiming with a most solemn oath that time should be no longer.  {19MR 320.3}

Many who went forth to meet the Bridegroom under the messages of the first and second angels, refused the third, the last testing message to be given to the world, and a similar position will be taken when the last call is made. {RH, October 31, 1899}

A transforming power attended the proclamation of the first and second angels’ messages, as it attends the message of the third angel. . . . There was diligent study of the Scriptures, point by point. Almost entire nights were devoted to earnest searching of the Word. We searched for the truth as for hidden treasures. The Lord revealed Himself to us. Light was shed on the prophecies, and we knew that we received divine instruction. . . {CTr Ch11 Hold Fast the truth that is in Jesus}

Mark, are you a regular attendee at an SDA Conference church?  Please share for all on here as I may be wrong in believe that you are not.

I am a member of the SDA Church, but whether I attend a conference church is neither here nor there. You make it sound like the conference is the fountain of knowledge, when God tells us they have not been recognised by Him in a long time. Let me get this right, you think I should attend churches that don't believe we have to overcome sin, that promote all kinds of abominations as music, shun the health message, disregard Ellen White, promote women's ordination, and a whole host of other unbiblical subjects, yet you think that I am not to be trusted unless I attend the house of sin??

I was shown the necessity of those who believe we are having the last message of mercy, being separate from those who are daily imbibing new errors. I saw that young and old should not attend their assemblies; for it is wrong to encourage them by attending their meetings while they teach error that is poisonous, and death to the soul, and teach for doctrines the commandments of men. And the influence is not good. If God has delivered us from such darkness and error, we should stand fast in the liberty wherewith he has set us free, and rejoice in the truth. God is displeased with those who go to listen to error, when they are not obliged to; for unless he sends us to these meetings, where error is forced home to the people by the power of the will, he will not keep us. The angels cease their watchful care over us, and we are left to the buffetings of the enemy, to be darkened and weakened by him, and the power of his evil angels; and the light around us becomes contaminated with the darkness. {ExV54 45.2}

If you are foolish enough to put your trust in a structure rather than His word, then more fool you, because at the Sunday law that structure will no longer exist, whereupon you my friend and every other SDA member will be crying to God but will then find out it is too late to obtain a holy character. Now is the time of preparation, and that time is running out.

The mark of deliverance has been set upon those “that sigh and that cry for all the abominations that be done.” Now the angel of death goes forth, represented in Ezekiel's vision by the men with the slaughtering weapons, to whom the command is given: “Slay utterly old and young, both maids, and little children, and women; but come not near any man upon whom is the mark; and begin at my sanctuary.” Says the prophet, “They began at the ancient men which were before the house.” [Ezekiel 9:1-6.] The work of destruction begins among those who have professed to be the spiritual guardians of the people. The false watchmen are the first to fall. There are none to pity or to spare. Men, women, maidens, and little children perish together.  {GC88 656.2} 

I pray for your soul my brother, you need to wake up!


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