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How hard it is for a man to ask a woman to marry him?

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Thanks for your honest answer Gabriel, I wonder thouigh, why men fear and lack commimitment when really God should be in the midst of it all.

Thanks for your honesty but maybe one day you will change your mind and pop the question to the waiting lady, and when that happens let me know, hopefully I will be here on AO

But man have no lack to have sex. If a men is not ready for commintment he must be ready not to have sex!


This happen every day also in the SDA church. That is why we have many christian girl not marry both pregant! Then you have to marry because I have pregnant a girl in the church. It is time for we to get serious about this question of "will you marry me"


My God bless you all 



So true Benico, thanks for your input

I suppose it can be very hard for some, or MANY.  The prediction of these Last Days before Jesus comes are characterized by a loss of love.  People today are very, very dysfunctional [as I see it] just look at how many divorces there are, how many kids are in Foster Care, how many disputes there are in the home, and in our churches.. look at political unrest, world unrest, etc.  

On the other hand, there are some, like Gabriel Rodriguez de Esponoza who choose the single lifestyle; and to imply that it is 'hard' for him to ask anyone to marry him is unfair; and is called Verbal Abuse.  (just saying, no offense meant to you).

Verbal abuse??????????????? Where in the world did you come up with that idea??????    Nuff Sed

Seems it wasn't clear, sorry; defining someone else's reality is verbal abuse. 

lol Topkok you are funny 

both Gabriel and Nuff sed are charged with verbal abuse lol 

Now you will be charge for silent abuse Jason.....I would like to hear your take. haha ha

What is your take on this nuff sed?

Thanks for your balanced opinion Quacinda Itruly apppreciate it, but I want to ask if they fear marriage and want to remain single, why do they bother play aound with the ladies.?

That's a good question, I know some who have been very hurt and have felt devalued because he implied good things and promises yet follow-thru was not there.  OH.... the DISAPPOINTMENT! :-(


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