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would u be someones friend in Adventist online , if you learned that in their past they made sinful mistakes and

 how much as a friend are you willing to be then?

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we all are sinners lol Murray
I don't associate with people who have sinned. lol HA HA HA !!!
I would say not with anyone who is a deliberate sinner. Jesus mingled with sinners all the time; otherwise how would they have been influenced by him?
My reply was meant as sarcasm. Something I  rarely do but felt this situation deserved it. :)
Irony believe you.. ;-)
a friend to the end and beyond into eternity!
If and when find someone who is 'perfect' be sure to let me know... On the other hand they probably wouldn't want to talk with you or me................nuff sed
 yes  maybe that is so  ,It amazes me at times how  Holy Angels have often been sent to help us and we refuse to e helped ,and yet  we that be sinful womt go a bit out of our way to help another that be needful of a friend. go figure,,


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