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what do think are the reasons that our youth are leaving church?

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STORIES AND NOVELS HA!! HAVE U SEEN WHAT PASSES FOR KNOWLEDGE TODAY FOR CHILDREN IN SABBATH SCHOOL? WHEN I was a sabbath school teacher for primary class a few years ago a story line broke out called joseph anderson dontei . 7 years later the continued saga still continues poor joseph never gets any older .
Even in the juniors guide u have continued stories that last for months SO U GET A TASTE OF THIS STYLE FROM ADVENTIST WRITERS TOO.. From the cartoonish style they deplict bible characters on covers to inside the covers..
I used to enjoy teaching the material was fressh and fun to teach ..
I can not even barely read the primary treasure anymore it is sooo dull/ . TEACHERS today also like to put modern day personalities to the bible heroes of faith and making light of things that be spiritual.. too much humor is emphasized rather than depicting what was actually meant or said ..
I mean to say simply if u be too strict or too lientent they both are wrong.It is ok to have humor but in a manner that is repectful . being to lienant leads us to think morelike God is like us when Hei sHoly n dwells is unaproachable light. Things that be Holy are lightly taken then . Nadab and Abiu Aarons sons were not raised in a manner that benifited them to be acting as priests and made light of Gods truth influenced by alcohol yes but nonetheless they had weak character and who wa sto blame?
Todays generation are rasied to believe they have to have the finest clothes at whatever expence and whatever they desire to have they must get . Endless hours of violent video games is normal in adventist circles and will you hold to spiritual truths just on Sabbaths then ?
NOTT!! /
As someone who grew up enjoying the Joseph Anderson Donetti stories... I must beg to differ. ;-)

Also, all the stories in Guide Magazine are true. I only remember one story a few years ago that was fictional... and they clearly labeled it as such so that the fictionophobes could skip it if they wanted to.
Good thing. Some will oppose fiction rather vigorously. But then I fear I will have to tell them that even some of the Bible is full of fiction. Yes, Jesus spoke in parables and spoke of untrue stories as an example for us. Jesus felt we could benefit from fiction.
I want to disagree with you there, “Novel and storybook reading can be a great past time, it is just like looking at a movie or watching television. All christians I am sure watch television or movies and that dont mean they fail to make good, practical mothers.or that they are air-castle builders, living in an unreal, an imaginary world. I am a mother of 2 and reading is a fulfilling past time for me.however I have not become all thoughs things you mention.
“Novel and storybook reading are the greatest evils in which youth can indulge. Novel and love-story readers always fail to make good, practical mothers. They are air-castle builders, living in an unreal, an imaginary world. They become sentimental and have sick fancies. Their artificial life spoils them for anything useful. They are dwarfed in intellect, although they may flatter themselves that they are superior in mind and manners“. 3T 151

Wow! So according to her young people reading novels and storybooks are bad...? I thought reading was how a person gained intellect. And how and where does this line up with what the Bible says?
I don't believe this lines up with scripture. Scripture does have fiction stories. And I can think of far worse evils in this world than "novel and storybook reading". Can reading fiction on a regular basis be harmful though? Yes it can. Perhaps our prophet just 'over-spoke' on this one. But we can glean the principle of what she was attempting to say.


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