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I have depression plus fibromyalgia which leaves me feeling chronically tired.  Too tired to think some days!  Just wondered if any of you had that problem.  Sometimes I just feel as if I could handle it if I know others share the same struggle.  Just feel too overwhelmed to even get started or to study or to move some days yet I haven't done anything.  I know it's part of the disease but it is so frustrating.  I don't know what to do.  Some have told me to just start doing more or quit laying there and I will feel better.  I try sometimes but between the pain and the exhaustion, some days I just can't do anything.  And telling people makes them think you either aren't praying enough or trying hard enough or ....  Healthy people just don't seem to understand it isn't as easy as just wanting to be well.  And then that just adds on guilt.  Guilt wondering if I am not right with God, guilt for letting my family down, guilt for not being mentally strong enough.

If you have found a way to get through the tiredness, let me know.  Thanks!

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Like you I suffer with clinical depression and i am always tired all the time so you are not alone my sister.  i was told a good pick me up is Berecos.  its a vitimin of some sort.

i know how it feels to feel this tired. doctors seem to think i havent got a problem but i know i have. what do u do to combat the tiredness?

Hello D.J. Harman,and great that you shared. ( I may have sent this to the wrong person, I hope DJ Harman see it) It's so hard when we feel depressed and painful and not able to keep up with others around us who seem to have turbo energy packs attached to them. You feel almost left behind and sometimes people look at you as if you are just taking up space.

But fatique from depression is so very real, it is a terrible feeling of exhaustion and the inability to function mentally, spiritually, physically. But take heart, like Christ says I have overcome the world! My counselor once told me, when you are so tired, you simply have to rest. Try not to be hard on yourself. He told me on those days make my goals simple.

If I decide ok, I am going to lay down and draw circles today and if I get that done consider myself lucky! HAHAHA. I hated that. But he told me I have to accept my situation and trying harder will only make you more tired. It is something you just have to go through. And God uses it trust me.

Don't let the enemy or your own mind or people around you make you feel that you're a waste of space. God has a purpose even in that. Just lean into him at those worse times and see what he has for you in the storm. You mentioned the guilt and people not understanding, BOY have I been there. Most healthy people do not understand it at all. It is hard to fight through all the negative responses you will get. But God is in control, He has a plan for you even in this.

Ask his help for those guilt feelings, the enemy would have you believe that you are not doing enough ever! But all to be done has been done in and through Christ. Steer clear of reading anything to heavy (especially about do's and don'ts. rather keep looking at scriptures and books that talk of redemption and justification through the work of Christ on the cross.) Galatians and Ephesians are great books of the bible to read. There is a book called workbook for the depressed Christian it really helps. I cannot remember the name of the author at present, but when I do will send it on to you.

Have a blessed day and remember God knew you before he formed you in the womb, you are not a mistake nor is your life a mistake. But God works ALL things for good for those who love God and are called according to his purpose. Oh and do little things for yourself, that you like to do. go for a walk somewhere nice (with flowers/the sea side if possible) and look at the beauty of creation a lot!

God bless.


This post has great advice. I have suffered depression for years and still continue to do so. I have posted my testimony on the comment wall in this group.

I like Don's reply.  There is a lot of truth to it.  Even so, sometimes it's hard to be vigilent.  I know that my "solution" will get lots of criticism but it does help me to stay out of bed and be more productive and have the energy to be active outside in the sunshine which also combats depression  and that is 2 cups of coffee in the morning.  Be warned, it is not without adverse effects one of which is people telling you that you are sinning.

Drink papaya leaf mornings leaf juice greens get iron build your blood exercise

I am a little sad due to a break up since August. Technically, we were not in a "relationship" per se, more  in the process of getting to know each other but we liked each other. I felt even better about her than my ex's. My parents does like her, especially my mother has a good opinion about her. Her parents feel the same way.   We were getting a long just great but we had a problem and she doesn't want to continue the relationship due to her fears. 

There is so much to tell but I've been crying since August 16th but I do not let depression take control to me. I've began to pray more to God for his direction and I do talk to my pastor, my spiritual friends, and etc. I do feel better but waiting for his answer. So glad that there is conversation. Be strong, Keep the faith, and BE AWESOME!


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