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Overcoming mental health problems


Overcoming mental health problems

This is a safe place for Christians who are suffering from some type of Mental Illness like Depresasion, Anxiety, Bi-Polar etc.  This is a place where we can support each other. 

Please share your testimonies, prayer requests or what the Lord puts on your heart

All will be respected no matter what is wrong.

No Abuse or bullying will be tolerated on this group

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Comment by Bryan on September 3, 2013 at 2:47pm

if any u on facebook you can add me

Comment by Bryan on September 3, 2013 at 2:44pm

brothers and sisters, you are all in my prayers. please keep me in your prayers as well.Last few weeks its been a struggle for me. i been so low and depressed and nothing has really triggered it. 

Comment by Julia Brown on August 23, 2013 at 5:45pm

Mental health is of major concern in New Zealand. I have resolved to Encourage those I suspect have depression and Keep contact with young teens living in mental isolation as they have a much more challenging world to live in than those of us who were teens 20 years ago.


A clip from the NZ Herald in 2006 shows the support of promoting awareness of depression in New Zealand 

Former All Black John Kirwan is to front a $6.4 million government depression awareness campaign.

The three-year National Depression Initiative, announced today by Associate Health Minister Jim Anderton and paid for out of the existing Suicide Prevention Strategy budget, aims to raise awareness of depression.

"We know that up to 90 per cent of suicides are caused by depression and that each year 500 New Zealanders are dying by suicide," Mr Anderton said.

"If we can raise awareness and reduce the impact that depression has on people's lives, hopefully we can reduce the number of lives being lost to suicide every year."

He welcomed the involvement of Kirwan, who himself suffered from depression over the course of his All Blacks career, as frontman for the advertising campaign.

Mr Anderton said the World Health Organisation had projected depression would be second only to cardiovascular disease as part of the "global burden" of disease.

Comment by Christina DeShields Seekins on August 20, 2013 at 5:40am

The LORD is helping me to overcome a great "spirit of fear", p.t.s.d., and borderline personality disorder.. In 2008 I lost a set of twins and almost my life, only survived it because GOD wanted me to..(and the four pints of blood & three bags of plasma) Add to that a horrible childhood. Heroin addicts, prostitutes, domestic violence, and not to mention murder& kidnapping all b4 10yrs. old. Then by 13- I was a full blown alcoholic and meth addict. And of course that all just "began" all my problems! Spent over 20yrs in the wilderness!!! But thank GOD he has a plan for our lives! He does not leave us in our sin- If- we turn, repent, and surrender our hearts and our problems to HIM!! The docs had me on over 13 phsyc. meds a day...Glory to GOD I am off all of them!!! I have moments where my anxieties will build up and satan trys to get me in his clutches again, but JESUS is my strong tower and I don't have to feel afraid!! Just wanted to share because nobody ever told me that I have HIS power readily available to draw from, defeat satan, and breakdown all the strongholds satan has spent my entire life setting up! PRAISE GOD!!!!!  We have the power to overcome all the fire darts of the enemy( anxiety, depression, addiction, mental illness et.)

Comment by Robin J Zaleski on August 15, 2013 at 3:35am

I just joined this group and want to introduce myself.  I'm a 57 y/o female who has to continuously manage my life to prevent slipping into depression.  I'm also a psychiatric nurse working in a psychiatric ward. 

My goal for joining this group is to glean valuable insight from the members to make me a better mental health professional and to also share what I have learned from my own struggles.

Comment by kokaramesh on August 8, 2013 at 3:20am

may god bless u bryan

Comment by Bryan on August 7, 2013 at 5:22pm


Comment by Julia Brown on August 4, 2013 at 3:20pm

My testimony on overcoming depression

Today I continue to recover from depression after having been on a journey that has seen me through inexpressable mental torment and emotional pain.

I was 16 when I first experienced depression. This is about twenty years ago when depression was not talked about much or understood. I believe it began due to a combination of things. My parents separated at that time but also my upbringing which involved emotional neglect and abuse.

Also at that time I belonged to another denomination which allowed spiritual teaching  that confused my mind in terms of what I believed and that had an affect on my already confused state of emotions.

I literally went insane but you know the leaders in my life put it down to a spirital experience. I should have been admitted to a mental hospital for professional treatment.

Several times I wanted to end my life but knew deep inside that God must have a plan for my life.

I did not know I had depression until two years later when I was finally diagnosed.

You know it was a relief to have a label put on it and to be able to begin to understand what it was I was experiencing.

Since then I have been off and on antidepressants while having to learn and unlearn things in life which I had or hadn't learned throughout my childhood.

Nearly four years ago I became adventist and applied the health message and spiritual principles to my life. I have now been completely off anti depressants for about three years. I praise God for the miracle work he has done in my life.

I still have to be careful to apply the  health habbits I have learned and to maintain my relationship with the Lord as there are times when I feel I am sinking back into that state of depression but I praise God for where he has brought me and for those of you who are going through this experience I would like to say a few things.

One step at a time. If you have to face your emotional pain at minute by minue intervals, then allow yourself to do this, be kind to yourself, sometimes God is allowing us to experience this  in order to slow us down to deal with something, perhaps a thought that keeps coming back from the past that needs to be delt with in which He wants us to move on from.

It's easy to worry that if we take time to slow down then things wont get done or the bills won't get paid.

In my experience, as tough as things get God will never leave us without what we need to get through, even if it is bare minimum because he has a job for you to do and in order for you to do the job you have to be able to keep existing. Yes for some it does just feel like  you are existing instead of living.

This can go on for days, months, years.

Keep open in these times of trials to learning by reading about relationships if you're having trouble with this, Health if that is an issue for you,  bible studies if you're confused about your faith. Anything you think will help you to grow and gain an understanding of people and of life and God. 

Whatever you believe God is leading you to do in order for you to get well, learn how to do it without fear of the what if's that could happen if you choose to do it. 

One last thing I want to emphasise is water, water, water, and lots of it. I am as guilty as anybody for not drinking enough at times. I have made it part of my sons routine to fill up out water bottles every day so that they are ready for us to drink any time. I have to force myself to drink it but I know my physical health depends on it which in turn effects my spiritual condition and therefore my life.

I hope my testimony of God's amazing grace will help and bless you!



Comment by Bryan on May 11, 2013 at 2:13pm

hello hope you are all well.  please feel free to write on here.  we are all hear for each other

Comment by Tony Kennedy on February 24, 2013 at 5:48pm
Our worst enemy is ourselves; Christ has given us each the power to change. Sometimes, we know we need to change but aren't willing...GOD ALMIGHTY CREATE IN US PURE HEARTS, YEARNING RESTORATION TO THY PERFECT MORAL IMAGE AND LIKENESS!

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