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  • Many home school families register their children for extracurricular activities. Many home school families register their children for  extracurric...

    Of the biggest concerns regarding home school children, socialization is  among the top. Many Americans believe that home school children grow up to be  socially withdrawn. However, a controlled study from the Seattle-based Discovery  Institute in 2000 showed that home school children were generally socially well  adjusted. One of the studies included a mixed video of various home school  children and public school children at play. Trained counselors were brought in  to view the tape without knowing which children went to public school and which  did not. When the results were scored for the tape, home school children  exhibited fewer behavior problems

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Thanks for your input in this group and inspiring words regarding Ellen Whites teachings

Hi Julia,

Children who are home schooled may have social issues if you isolate them from the world. Think about it.


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