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Seventh Day Adventist work in Malawi had its origins at Malamulo Mission. The Mission was established in 1902 after Joseph Booth had purchased it from the Seventh Day Baptists. At that time, the station was called Plainfield Mission named after Plainfield Church in New Jersey, USA.

Joseph Booth himself, had been a Baptist before being converted into Adventism. Thus it was easy for him to acquire land for the Adventist from his former movement, the Baptists.

Of interest is the fact that a first Seventh Day Adventist missionary to accompany Booth to this mission station was  Thomas Branch, a black American. Booth did not stay long at Malamulo due to his ideologies which were a thorn in the flesh of the then colonial administration. Thomas Branch remained and laid a foundation of Seventh Day Adventist work in Nyasaland. He did not stay long but went back to America. After him, there was no black American that ever came to continue from where others left. Was that a deliberate move which the church had created or there were no black Seventh Day Americans interested in coming to Africa then?

These questions may appear too superficial but there are meant to address issues  that have led to a retarded growth of  this Seventh Day Adventist Mission in Nyasaland, now Malawi.

It is difficult to understand that a mission station which got established over a century ago has not even an inch from the ground. What went wrong? Or what is happening that is not supposed to be happening?

I would appreciate any open minded approach in addressing issues pertaining to this institution. There may be accusations and counter accusations but all in all your contributions should lead us to where we missed God's way and your suggestions on how this mission stattion could be revamped.



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