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I'm taking a wonderful class this semester called Christian Worship and Church Music from an excellent teacher who seems very strong in her relationship with Christ. You know how nowadays we always have controversy over what is the right way to worship and usually people are talking about music, even though that isn't ALL worship is... Anyways, we tend to think something is good or not depending on our culture, time we were born, etc. But what does the Bible say about worship and music? This is what I'm hoping to learn in this course and if anyone would like I can give them the names of the textbooks we are using if you would like to learn as well. I'll probably be posting things as I learn them in class.

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I am very interested in what you're learning.  Please keep me posted.
Wow!! that is so nice!!! i would also like to know what you have learned.

Me too, i'm interested of your lesson. Hope you'll post here.. thanks.. GOD BLESS!

I'm very interested!  I want to know what God says, because this is an area I don't know as much as I'd like to about, and I know that music is an important part of worship.

dats gr8 Juliana..i just wanna know more abt it.

Send me our notes please am very interested



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