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In 2013, I've founded and opened Universal It Technologies LLC Computer Repair Kennesaw Georgia. As many you guys know that I do repair/upgrades on PC's, Macs and etc. However, I've been informed that BIG GOVERNMENT is trying to deny my right to provide my repair services to people. Also, I don't need to ask permission to corporations to fix their products. My friends, please support me as I fight for my right to stay in business so I can continue to grow and provide jobs for people. Please sign the petition (link below) or contact your state legislatures so I can still be in business, and always continue praying for me.

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Gabriel: what agency is doing that?

Is it business license they want or what?

Hi James,

That's a good question and I've reached out to the association about this to get additional information. Here is what they have to say. 

"It is already fully legal under copyright and patent law to repair your stuff.  Federally, there are no efforts underway to block repair – all efforts are intended to unlock repair.   Anti-Trust law also favors right to repair , but our legal system is not set up to deal with illegal tying agreements of more than one OEM at a time. 


The only agency that has been in opposition to unlocking repair and allowing software hacking has been the EPA – and only related to hacking of emissions control systems.  In fact, the recent experience of VW having hidden a massive scam behind copyright law caused the copyright office to specifically unlock hacking of land-based motor vehicles. 


It’s the OEMs that have taken advantage of this gap in law to exploit consumers into believing they are harming the OEM when fixing their legally owned property.  And further, to use EULA and the power of contract law to create new legal rights to control your property after they sold it to you.   As a form of contract – EULA fall under general business law in states – which is why Right to Repair is addressing the problem in States"

I am fighting for my right to #REPAIR 


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