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We have started a security training series which is presented by one of our student interns at my company. Feel free to Comment, Like, and Subscribe to our YouTube Channel!

Cisco Cyber Security Workshop Lab 1 Instructional Video - How to locate a threat on a network

Cisco Threat Grid Workshop Instructional Video

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Good basic presentation just needs to format his screen capture better to see the links he was pointing to at times.   It peaked my curiosity though.  The related Cisco Cyber threat response chapters below almost sound like something from a Tom Clancy novel.

Thanks! If you click on the first video, the link to get the hash code and the link where we got the lab, is posted on the video description. 

If you posted that comment about the Tom Clancy novel in the comment section on YouTube, that would be great so my student who made the recording would see that.. 

Will do.

Thanks and Happy Sabbath.


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