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My company Universal IT Technologies has started our internship program at Kennesaw State University in 2016. 

Ladies and Gentlemen, as owner of Universal It Technologies LLC Computer Repair Kennesaw Georgia, I would like to present my current interns from Kennesaw State University for summer session 2018. #WELCOMESTUDENTS

So far they are doing great, hoping that they'll succeed during their time at my company and after they graduate.

Also, we do have a Seventh-day Adventist member at my company. Thanks for your continued prayers and support as my company continues to grow

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That's great Gabriel! Keep up the good work! 

Good to hear from you, Janny. Thank you! I actually started my YouTube channel so the link is here.

Feel Free to subscribe, comment, and like. We are going to start filming more videos this week and they are going to participate. 

Very good. Mentoring and training students is really good. Is the training in preparation for certification like A+ or college certificate? Or both.

Speaking of A+ cert, one of them has theirs but he does not feeling too comfortable in fixing other people's computers since he is used to doing his family. I can guide them but this is a hands on experience. Since my company is registered with the KSU Career Services Department, they can use it to satisfy their Intern.Co Op requirement but most of them do not wish to get credit. They just want the experience. 

Yes, there is a lot of responsibility working on someone else's computer or anything for that matter.

I have restored and conserved works of art on paper and documents and paintings that belong to customers.

It is difficult and time-consuming and one must be most careful. Same with computers! Though with fine art usually there is only one of a kind, or in some cases, an edition of prints was done, but to locate another one if something went wrong? That would be difficult. With a computer, you can usually get either a whole other computer of the same model or close or parts. But the hard drive data? Wow, that would be the worst, accidental loss of client's crucial data; Nightmare?

It is expensive but data can be retrieved by special services that do data recovery.

I can give you an example of a project that we did recently. It's always good to have the original manufacture recovery cd. If you upgrade the HD to a SSD, clone the HD but does not book when you swap, the recovery disk or usb is your best friend. Not only it fixes the new ssd, you won't have to re install windows and your new image is on the ssd. Backups is extremely important and getting the recovery media disks goes hand and hand. If your warranty is expired, make that small investment to get that recovery shipped out to you. It's better paying an expensive recovery. I can easily retrieve the data of the original hard drive. 

A+ is an achievement, but it is no indication how good someone is at fixing machines.

Hope they learn to have fun while succeeding.

Of Course, I have taken some of them out for pizza but hopefully we can have a group outing. 

Gabriel, we don't agree on some doctrines, certainly, but I am pretty well in your camp as far as Constitution etc. as opposed to the left agenda I think. But I think you are a decent fellow and you have a good heart. I can see that in the way you interact with people.

I object to some of the things that go on here. I am not perfect myself, but I don't look for trouble, but I am a critic of general Christianity and perhaps that and my addressing certain SDA doctrines or misunderstandings of the holy spirit field, that gets some people really irate. Some here absolutely hate me. I think you are well balanced and a reasonable Christian, level headed and not overly religious in a bad sense.

Hey James, hope you are doing well. I agree on what you have said, also, thanks for the kind words. Hope you had a great Sabbath!

Yes, I had a good weekend. I studied the Bible and also am stsrting again to read:



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