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Mr. Nixon is Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion at Andrews University.

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Comment by Gabriel Rodriguez on February 24, 2018 at 2:37pm

hmmmm okay just to inform you that the Planned Parenthood clinics are in black neighborhoods. I live here in the Greater Atlanta Area.You may want to re-watch or watch the video if you haven't done so. Also do some research on Margerate Sanger.

Comment by Wynterbaby on February 24, 2018 at 1:50pm

It appears that in this video you are trying to make Mr. Nixon out to be a hypocrite because he is speaking out on racism in the Seventh Day Adventist church and not on the abortion of African American can't. It exists; and no type of deflection on other social issues will wash it away. The use of semantics in facts, figures and the excuse that you are an ex-felon and "No one will listen to you" regarding the abortion of African American children is simply a veil behind the fact that you would like to discredit what he is saying and to make your fight for abortion his fight as well.  The KKK was not the only group of the majority population which was and is killing African Americans.  Just because 388,000 may have been the number of African Americans that landed on the shores of America does not in any way indicate the number of African Americans that lived and were slaughtered in this nation.  There is a numberless amount African Americans who no one will ever know about who died by the hands of the majority population.  My dear brother if you call yourself a Seventh Day Adventist Christian please do not attempt to mislead people to believe that because what is reported is that the men of the majority population care about African American babies so much that they are tirelessly fighting to save those unborn African American babies.  There is another agenda which you either have not studied about or refused to mention in your video (which in my opinion was very sarcastic) that is the reason for their fight against this serious problem.  

Comment by Gabriel Rodriguez on January 2, 2018 at 5:41pm
It seems that Dr. Allred got his inspiration to abort Black and Hispanic Babies from Margaret Sanger. #DEFUNDPLANNEDPARENTHOOD

Also to the so called Adventist Black Activist, Michael T. Nixon, so if you are for the removal of the "confederate" monuments why not speak against planned parenthood that had killed thousands of black babies?

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